Wednesday, December 28, 2011

v.o.a. goodies

First post, and it's about thrifting. How fitting!

Yesterday was the last Tuesday of the month, which meant that Volunteers of America had its 50% off everything sale. I'm back in Michigan for the holidays and purposely left lots of room in my suitcase for cheaper-than-in-California goodies. :) My two best friends and I got there right as the store opened, and we scored some fantastic stuff! Here's my loot:

Scarves! 0.50 each! The gold one twists (it has a wire on the inside).
Burgundy polka-dotted blouse with a ruffled collar.

Simple black velvet tee. :) Similar to American Apparel velvet crop top.

Oversized silk blouse. It's actually a lime green color in real life! Not sure why it looks so yellow in pictures. :)
Lace leotard! Similar to American Apparel lace bodysuit:

Long black velvet skirt. Similar to American Apparel interlock long skirt:

Full spandex body suit. Similar to American Apparel cotton spandex jersey unitard:

Black form-fitting crushed velvet dress. Similar to American Apparel velvet long sleeve dress:

Blue velvet dress (I love the color and the fit of this!)
Black heeled shoes. Similar to ASOS MICK mid heel brogue:
All in all, I'd say I managed to get some pretty nice finds! These, along with a Ralph Lauren jacket missing a button, cost me a total of $19.92. Not too shabby at all!

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