Saturday, December 31, 2011

glance back - 2011

This year has definitely been an interesting one.

Jasmine Revolution & the Arab Spring

Though the Tunisian revolution first was sparked in December of 2010, when Mohamed Bouazizi⎯a vegetable and fruit vender⎯set himself ablaze, the full-on Jasmine Revolution didn't gain strength until January. And boy, did it gain strength. Suddenly, the little known country of Tunisia was making headlines. My countrymen were doing what was not expected of them, of anyone⎯they were marching in the streets, determined to change their government. 

Ultimately, Tunisians succeeded⎯Ben Ali fled, after 23 years in power. This revolution, in an often overlooked country, set in motion revolutions that spread to become the "Arab Spring and, later, the Occupy Movement.
When the people will to live,
Destiny must surely respond.
Oppression shall then vanish.
Chains are certain to break.
Tunisian National Anthem

Thursday, December 29, 2011

no amount of whiskey, no amount of wine

1.        2.        3.
4.      5.     6.

7.    8.     9.


10 vintage items under $50.00
Wine (/burgundy/cranberry) is one of my favorite winter colors. There's something really nice about how it adds a subtle bit of color to an otherwise bleak landscape. I particularly like how it is a festive color without being too overpowering. 
If any of these items strike your fancy, feel free to click on the images to scoop them up!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

v.o.a. goodies

First post, and it's about thrifting. How fitting!

Yesterday was the last Tuesday of the month, which meant that Volunteers of America had its 50% off everything sale. I'm back in Michigan for the holidays and purposely left lots of room in my suitcase for cheaper-than-in-California goodies. :) My two best friends and I got there right as the store opened, and we scored some fantastic stuff! Here's my loot:

Scarves! 0.50 each! The gold one twists (it has a wire on the inside).
Burgundy polka-dotted blouse with a ruffled collar.

Simple black velvet tee. :) Similar to American Apparel velvet crop top.

Oversized silk blouse. It's actually a lime green color in real life! Not sure why it looks so yellow in pictures. :)
Lace leotard! Similar to American Apparel lace bodysuit:

Long black velvet skirt. Similar to American Apparel interlock long skirt:

Full spandex body suit. Similar to American Apparel cotton spandex jersey unitard:

Black form-fitting crushed velvet dress. Similar to American Apparel velvet long sleeve dress:

Blue velvet dress (I love the color and the fit of this!)
Black heeled shoes. Similar to ASOS MICK mid heel brogue:
All in all, I'd say I managed to get some pretty nice finds! These, along with a Ralph Lauren jacket missing a button, cost me a total of $19.92. Not too shabby at all!


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