Wednesday, January 4, 2012

bundle up

I have definitely gotten used to California weather, because Michigan seems unbearably freezing! In East Lansing, it is currently a balmy 31˚F. How did I acclimate to Californian temperatures so quickly?! I am not fond of cold weather without snow, and currently Michigan is lacking in the snow department while being altogether much too chilly for my tastes.

In the spirit of cold weather, I'm making a short list of warm sweatery-things! I don't ever actually dress properly for the winter, but I do enjoy sweaters, and perhaps other people like to be practical and keep warm. Anyways, here you are, fellow Northern-hemisphereans!

Baby, It's Cold Outside


  1. Jumper number 1 is amazing! I love it! I checked your photography blog, you have so many great photos there :)

  2. thank you so much! :D glad you liked them!


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