Wednesday, January 25, 2012

free stuff and facebook

This is a million years late, approximately. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Henrik and I went on and adventure to go get a huge Ikea bookcase that someone was giving away for free on Craigslist! Score! It was about an hour away, which was fine on the way there. The way back, however, was another story...

Henrik drives an itty-bitty Golf, and we didn't really think about the logistics of fitting huge pieces of a bookcase into it. What ended up happening is what you see here⎯enormous planks of wood jutting up into the front seat area, resting vicariously on my shoulder. We managed to rig up a rope to keep the wood from slamming into our heads, which was nice, but driving back was tortuous!

On the way out, we noticed a huge sign with a blue thumbs up⎯the Facebook "like" symbol! I insisted we pull over and Henrik, being wonderful, obliged.

I am obviously very lame.

On the way out, we walked through the little wooded area and took pictures. It was a beautiful day. I really love how January is so pretty here; in Michigan, January means gray skies and slush. Gross.

skirt: Forever 21 ~ leotard: American Apparel ~ tights: American Apparel ~ shoes: thrifted ~ belt: thrifted

And, because I am really, really mature and sophisticated, I saw this in the parking lot and had to take a picture. No judgements.

have no fear, I am not with child!

For dinner, Henrik grilled halloumi cheese! It's one of my favorite meals. Henrik is a vegetarian (and I keep halal), so most of what I end up eating is vegetarian-ish. I can't complain at all⎯Henrik is quite the cook, and I rarely have to do the cooking! I'm a bit spoiled that way. :)

We put together the Ikea bookcase after dinner, which was quite the fiasco. If any of you have put together the Ikea Expedit before, perhaps you figured out a better way to do this than us because we were struggling! The shelves would come loose and then crash whenever we tried to put in another column. Extremely irritating. Henrik, of course, MacGyvered a solution using bungee cords. 

And there you have it! Our free stuff and Facebook adventure. :)

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