Friday, January 13, 2012

friday the 13th!

Today marks the end of this first week back, and I am exhausted. I need to seriously write my old teachers and apologize profusely for ever once thinking their job might be easy. This stuff is hard! Rewarding, heart-warming, but hard.

After school, Henrik and I went to this shop down the street that we frequent. It sells scraps and weird knick-knacks for super cheap, which means it is my favorite shop ever. I bought 4 bundles of cloth and a collection of different colored threads with the hopes of making something tomorrow. We'll see! Woo potential crafting! :)

In the meantime, here are some very belated pictures of my Christmas with Henrik. Like our 5-dollar-thrifted fake tree?

Ps. I really miss Criminal Minds. In an effort to fill its place during the holiday break, Henrik and I watched the final episode of the spinoff season (Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior). It was, quite possibly, the worst thing I've ever seen. Good thing Criminal Minds will be back next week!

Pps. There were, mercifully, no instances of awful luck for me today. Other people didn't seem quite so lucky, however; there was an accident on the way to school this morning, and then another right outside our apartment! Hopefully everybody is okay.

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