Saturday, January 21, 2012

kiwi mango morning

I have to say, I really am enjoying my new iPhone; it's pretty addictive! I apologize preemptively for the massive amount of Instagram photos that will undoubtedly make their way here. ;)

Today, Henrik and I woke up and made smoothies for breakfast! (we also ate guacamole and Saltines, but that's another story.) We're hoping to have a crafty day today again, and I really hope to complete at least one skirt. Before we do, though, we're off to take a walk and check out some shops. After yesterday's torrential downpour, the sun has found its way to Oakland and we sure aren't about to miss out on it!

 this is the curtain Henrik made out of a coffee bag! I think it's pretty fantastic. :)

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  1. You two sound so cute together. And the little parts of your apartment that I've seen look so charming! Henrik did a great job with the curtain.

    I'm not too big on smoothies, but Ryan is. I'm sure he could appreciate your breakfast, haha. Although his favorite is banana/strawberry. =)


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