Friday, January 20, 2012

pink and gray

It's Friday! Though it was a short week, it managed to be incredibly exhausting. Ah, well, such is life I suppose. Bright side⎯got my iPhone in the mail yesterday! Still getting used to it (and trying not to get carried away with apps!), but I really enjoy it so far. Expect lots and lots of iPhone pictures from now on.

I always get caught up in work during the week, so today's pictures are actually from this past Sunday (whoops). It was the last really warm day of the week; it's been chilly and rainy since, which is a bummer. Henrik and I spent the day crafting. He made this terrific curtain for the kitchen out of a coffee bag, and I started my first serious sewing project! To get our supplies, we went to the reuse shop down the street.

Blazer: Vintage (Pendleton) ~ Top: Mossimo ~ Shorts: Urban Outfitters ~ Belt: Vintage
Shoes: Thrifted ~ Purse: Thrifted ~ Socks: American Apparel ~ Tights: H&M

I mostly bought cloth, but I also got these two little nick-knacks:

how cute is this hair clip!

I wanted to find a good use for the cow tin, so I decided to put all my little spools of thread in it. :) I bought a pack of them for easy stitch-up jobs on the stuff I find thrifting.

So that was my Sunday! I did some sewing, but didn't finish; I hope to work on that tonight as a de-stresser, and if I finish my project, I'll post pictures. :) 

I hope all of you are having a fantastic Friday!

Ps. Anonymous! Yes, yes, yes.


  1. Such a cute outfit! (:

  2. Everything about your outfit is sooooo cute! I squealed out loud when I saw the elephant bag haha. :)


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