Friday, January 20, 2012

royals and chocolate

At our school each Friday, we celebrate 4 exemplary students who have really shone (one from each grade). We call this "Royals of the Week," as "royals" are our school mascot. My students don't usually get a chance to shine in these sorts of celebrations. Many of them struggle in school and, because they have poor grades or are shy, they are rarely recognized in this public way. Today, I nominated one of my students for Royal of the Week. When he won this afternoon, and went up to accept his crown, the room erupted into cheers and applause. It was deafening. It seemed almost like a movie: my student standing in front of the crowd, a plastic gold crown placed slightly askew on his head, smiling with fists raised as the entire school hollered and called his name. I couldn't stop grinning as I explained to my student, and to all his classmates, why I had chosen him. This student is one of the most dedicated, resilient, and kind-hearted people I have ever met. His friend, another one of my students, leaned over to me afterwards and said, "Ms. Chatti, I think you made his year."

Sometimes I get caught up in how awful things are in the world, that I forget the simple good moments that happen all around me. Standing at the back of the auditorium, watching the crown be lowered and the students raise their hands to clap above their heads, I was reminded of the goodness of people and of the love that exists when you take a moment to notice it.

And now, with that said, here is the Kinder egg that Henrik and I got from the advent calendar we were so awfully behind in eating (yay cute felt monkeys!):

Laying in bed in Henrik's pajamas, hair wet from the shower, listening to cars drive through the rain outside. Life is pretty darn good sometimes.


  1. What a nice post, I really loved reading that. You seem like a really good teacher :)

    Also! I watched a video the other day that said Kinder Surprises were illegal in America. And I am pretty sure you live there! What a silly video, unless you are a Kinder Surprise smuggler!

  2. Thank you so much! :D That is incredibly sweet; I hope I am!

    And you made me laugh out loud, because I'm pretty sure you're right! Henrik's mother brought us a Kinder advent calendar from France over Christmas and the final little treat was the Kinder egg. She's so sneaky, smuggling in a Kinder surprise in a calendar. I had thought it was pretty cool just because I loved Kinder surprise eggs growing up, but now I realize Henrik and I had a rare treat! Hopefully no one tracks us down.. ;)

  3. (This is Jordan, by the way!)

    Oh my goodness, Leila...Yes, they are illegal! I actually read about a woman who tried to bring one over the border from Canada and was told she could be faced with a $300 fine! Haha, nice going, smuggler. ;)

    That being said, I totally remember eating those growing up, but I remember people saying that children could easily choke on them. *I* loved them, at least!

    Anyway, I loved your post. Such rewarding work....You sound like an amazing teacher and it's obvious you're passionate about what you're doing. Just don't lose that passion - that's what my teachers always tell me. =)

  4. OOOH naughty! I'm going to call the Kinder Surprise police on you!


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