Thursday, January 26, 2012

wednesday wednesday wednesday

Today was not terribly interesting! It was not a bad day; it was simply a day. Having "just a day" is a relief after the hellish week I had last week, so I am grateful!

 during lunch, I sat in my classroom and watched Tangled with some of my students. much needed mental break.

 on Wednesdays, we have PD (professional development). sometimes, if I'm lucky, I get out just as the sun is setting.

When I got home today, I was greeted with a fantastic surprise⎯my American Apparel package had arrived! I'm pretty sure everyone and their brother bought the American Apparel Groupon, amiright? I was reminded over the weekend that my Groupon was about to expire, so I hurried online to order these bad boys.
but thanks to the Groupon gods, I only paid $62. chicka chicka yeeeah.

In May, my school does this thing called "Week Without Walls." During that week, teachers teach a week long course in whatever they'd like. We're already preparing for our classes, and I have called on my fantastic staff to assist me with gathering materials. What are the materials I need, you might ask? Clothes. Lots of them. I'm not supposed to tell yet what I'm doing (in case the kiddies come snooping on my blog and find out), but it's not too difficult to figure out. One of the teachers brought me some clothes her grandmother was getting rid of! I took a picture of some gems included. Aren't these beautiful?

Two more days until the weekend!

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