Monday, January 23, 2012

the week's end

I pretty much live for the weekends. I used to enjoy them a fair amount, as all folks do, but now I long for them. They are my oasis in a sea of sand, my beacon in the dark. Okay, a tad dramatic, but seriously! During the week, I become some kind of teacher cyborg where all I do is lesson plan and grade and other school-related-things. There is very little time to squeeze in personal activities, and the 5-day stretches of work filled days leave me feeling spent come Friday. It's the plight of the first year teacher. It's certainly tolerable, but only due to the weekends! :)

This weekend was a pleasant one. Henrik and I meandered around Temescal; I've posted some pictures here, but more will come sometime this week. We frequent the same stores, but that's because they always have such neat stuff! Luckily it's all very cheap, or I'd be looking for an additional job to help support my habit.

 I'm super mature, naturally.

our apartment!

lunch: mozzarella + tomato + basil + balsamic vinegar on bread, and chocolate milk.

I sewed a bit in the mid-evening, and then we went out for my coworker's birthday! I really love how cool the staff is at my school; I have made such wonderful, genuine friends here. If only the teachers I had growing up were this hip! ;) We went to karaoke (which was a blast, naturally) and then walked to a local bar to go dancing. All in all, a fantastic evening.

Oh, and a man at the bar came up to me the second Henrik went to go get waters for us. This exchange happened:

Man: I noticed your beautiful specks across the room. [pause] That's what we call them, specks.
Me: ...heh.
Man: What's your name?
Me: Leila.
Man: Are you Arab? What kind?
Me: ...Tunisian.

excuse the mess, haha; we're in the middle of moving a bunch of stuff around

Today was a pretty relaxed day comparatively. Henrik and I woke up to the sound of rain, and sure enough our window revealed gray skies. My partner-in-RSP-crime, Beth, bought Henrik and I tickets to see a talk for Christmas. The talk is part of the Philosophy Talk series. This particular one was titled "Poetry as a Way of Knowing." It had poet Jane Hirshfield as a guest, and it was really fascinating. Beth is incredibly thoughtful; what a way to get Henrik and I dead-on! Henrik studied philosophy in college, and I studied poetry. It was a perfect merging of our two seemingly unrelated interests. I had a great time and learned quite a bit. When they air the recording of it in the spring, I'll try to remember to post a link for you all.

 rainy pants

 grocery outlet = the best

 DID I MENTION: grocery outlet = the BEST

usual trip to the arab grocery store

bread beard

And here are my thrift treasures from this past weekend! I bought a lot of small things I didn't picture (such as: feathers, feather covered balls, other kinds of balls, and elastic), but these are the more interesting things.

 another floral hatbox to add to my collection

 HOW CUTE IS THIS. it used to play music, but doesn't seem to anymore. I think I'll use it to store pens or buttons.


a faux fur collar which is super soft (and also resembles a dead rodent in this photograph)

And now, bed-time⎯it is far too late for my teacher-self to be awake!


  1. Omg, the Degas box is so adorable! I love it! I remember at the original dance studio we'd have a few of those paintings all over the studio...Sigh. Good memories.

    Also, the picture of you sewing in the white dress and bow...Adorable. I love that outfit. =) Enjoy your weekends!

  2. I love that you show your thrift treasures (and how much they cost)! The ballerina button wardrobe is amazing. Hello, I'm Kat. :)

  3. Yay Jordan! :) The Degas painting is super cute, and I wish I had seen the dance studio back in da' day. :(

    And hi Kat! I'm Leila! :) I'm really glad you enjoy me posting my thrift treasures with the prices; Henrik asked me recently why I was doing that, and I said I thought people might find it interesting, so you've gone and made me feel more secure with that statement! :D


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