Thursday, February 16, 2012


A while ago, I said I would post pictures of my apartment after I had a fit of productivity and decorated a bit. It's my first time having a real place of my own (because dorms don't count in my book), and I have loved having the freedom to deck it out the way I like. Henrik's been very gracious about letting me dominate the bedroom with some pretty feminine stuff; he's an excellent guy, I think.

Nearly all the things you see pictured were bought second hand. I prefer getting most of my stuff that way--it's the thrill of the hunt that gets me! It also doesn't hurt that it doesn't impact my wallet too harshly. ;) Thrifted treasures are the best.


And though the kitchen is mostly Henrik's domain, here was my little addition:


  1. I love the golden mirror, it is the perfect touch. Also, I have those birds on a wire and although I live in a dorm (sigh), they are amazing.

  2. Thank you! :D I snagged it for 15 bucks at a local thrift shop and was SUPER excited. And I love the birds on a wire, they are so cute! My dorm was unfortunately very dull-looking, but if you have birds up for your pictures, it sounds infinitely better than my dorm experience. :D

  3. Can't wait to see it in person some day! (It'll happen, I swear)

  4. Your apartment is incredible! It's almost exactly how I want to style my apartment when I (eventually!) move out! I'm going to go thrift shopping crazy when it's time for decorating, I swear. Maybe it'll end up just looking like a crazy hoarder's house. Oh well! And oh! In response to your comment on my blog, if you do end up making some tights, you should post me a picture and I'll put it on my blog + link back to you! I want to build a little collection of photos of people who've tried it out!
    xx Annika

  5. That mirror is gorgeous! And the bunny shaped dish is to die for!!
    Just found your cute little blog :)
    xo Heather

  6. your apartment (and you!) are so adorable! I love all the tiny details and knick-knacks. Great blog. :)


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