Saturday, February 4, 2012

aturday, baturday, caturday

So this week was up and down, and yesterday sucked, but today is Saturday and I have been determined to make the most of it! Henrik and I spent the day redecorating and I am SUPER excited to post pictures. We have to run to get groceries, however, so they will be coming later. In the meantime, here are some Instagram photos of my week.

 if you ever come to Oakland, you HAVE to have Zachary's Pizza.

intruders in the plants! a monkey and a little weed.

many days on the bart


Henrik's home-made coffee roaster


free lemons from the re-use shop!

Highlights of my week:
  • got cast in the Vagina Monologues! "Reclaiming Cunt", awwww yeah!
  • got a free flipcam from Teach For America (thank you, TFA! they spoil us)
  • took a day off on Monday to see a school in Cupertino
  • all of today


  1. Ooooh what's your instagram name? Mine is @kirten, I want to stalk your photosssss! It sounds like you have had an exceptional week, especially the Vagina Monologues part, haha. Vagina.

  2. Congratulations on The Vagina Monologues! That's awesome.

  3. Thx so much lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours as well :). and so happy to find another local bay area blogger! :) i LOVE Zachary's! omgg, its the best deep dish pizza. p.s. love your layering of the blue shirt and stripes.

    <3, Kathleen.

  4. Thanks guys! :D I'm really excited to do this new role; expect a lot of pictures from the show, haha. :)

    Kirsten--I haven't changed it from private to public yet, but will! (I was trying to figure it out at first and so set it on private and never switched it back, haha). I think my account is "laypay"? I'll check on that. :) I am looking forward to stalking you back, haha!

    Kathleen--of course! Your blog is wonderful, and I'm thrilled that you are interested in mine as well. :D Bay Area ladies unite!

  5. That pizza looks amazing! Great pics too!
    Now following! xoxo


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