Saturday, February 11, 2012

childhood hero: allison reynolds ala "the breakfast club"

I was talking with some of my colleagues this week about my childhood idols in film and literature and realized that I had (and have) some bizarre taste. I've always been drawn to the slightly-off characters. My favorite male characters were serious, intelligent, and nearly always significantly older. I enjoyed the strange and/or grumpy female characters. Perhaps I saw a bit of myself in them--or, rather, perhaps I wanted to be more like them.

One character I really admired was Allison Reynolds in the Breakfast Club. Claire never did much for me, but Allison was the coolest person I had ever laid my young eyes on! Allison was an important part of my childhood, one of the characters undoubtedly listed under "people-who-greatly-shaped-my-image-of-women-and-self-at-a-young-age." Over a decade later, I still aspire to be Allison Reynolds when I grow up. Nevermind that she's a high-schooler, okay?

Dress like Allison Reynolds:

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