Thursday, February 16, 2012

do you love me?

Hey all! Hope everyone had a great time this Tuesday. :D

I was ill in the morning, but Henrik doted on me and I quickly felt better. He surprised me with a nice breakfast and chocolates while I was working!

It was a nice, relaxing day after I completed my work. I made Henrik's gifts this year: a plushy log (tutorial found here) and a jar of scratchcards with potential date nights/activities he can redeem. :)

Henrik made me a four-course meal, which was FANTASTIC. Henrik is quite a chef, and has dreamed of opening a small restaurant some day. I am very lucky, because I get to enjoy all his creations in the meantime!

He made tapenade and puff pastries, fattouch salad, eggplant Parmesan, and chocolate cake and strawberries! He even made the chocolate roses on the cake. Henrik's pretty talented in the area of culinary arts. (Oh, and he also got me a gift certificate for a massage, which is much needed).

And, of course, what I wore! I love dressing up for holidays...pretty much more than anything. Valentine's Day is a particularly fun holiday to dress up for because it's so feminine! Lace, bows, pinks and reds and gold--all of my favorite things.

sweater: thrifted ~ pink skirt: American Apparel ~ pink tutu: American Apparel ~ shoes: Urban Outfitters ~ bow: childhood

I got this sweater for a slick 2 dollars, holla~! It had some weird beads sewn into it, but I cut them out and I think it looks much better. :) Yay bows! Yay Valentine's Day!

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