Saturday, February 25, 2012

going going, back back to Cali Cali!

Or Nor. Cal., I suppose. :)

Back from vacation! L.A. was "hella" huge. I taught there over the summer (at Hamilton!) for 2 months, but didn't actually explore the city much, as Institute sucks the life out of you and gives you pretty much zero time for exploration. Anyways, my visit to L.A. was enjoyable and eye-opening. I have tons of pictures to post soon, but my friend Sarah flew in from Michigan (hi Sarah!), so I'll be running around being a host for a while. I promise to write about my trip soon. :)

In the meantime--film pictures! They're super bright, because unfortunately I only had a really high ISO box of film with me, but still tolerable I'd say. :)

at the hostel in Monterey

 driving on the coast 

can you spot the big seal creature thing?

 squirrels sitting on people's laps

 henrik and a beach treasure (likely kelp)

 middle eastern stall on the side of the road = DELICIOUS

 dramatic fry eating


 ghost Leila and Henoch

 ghost Henrik and Henoch

 venice beach, aka Henrik's new fantasy-land

 soooo.. you can't see the names, but this was Chuck Norris

 and Marilyn Monroe..


and ending with a blurry Leila, aww yeah

So yeah! The film version of my trip. :) I took lots of photos with my regular camera and my iPhone, and also video, so you will be all sorts of aware about every aspect of my mini-vacation, haha. :) Visiting Henoch was a lot of fun. He taught with me over the summer at Hami, and I miss the heck out of him! For how hectic Institute was, I really did make some great friends. (Dave, for example, helped me move in a new couch yesterday! Yay Institute co-teaching buddies!) 

Now, I'm off to San Fran for the day. Hope you all are doing well! :)


  1. Awesome pics! Yay you have your own pizza deli, haha. Have fun in San Fran :)

  2. Love the white-washed, sun-bleached quality of these pics, so beautiful. And your sailor dress is adorable! Love it. Glad to see you're having such an amazing time. Also, loving the layout and design of your blog, it's adorable.

    Alexandra xo

  3. I want to go back to Cali! I'm loving the blue dress you wore!



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