Sunday, February 19, 2012

out, out!

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday. While I generally tend to be fairly content with myself, I had a bout of negative self-image seemingly out of nowhere. (A bit ironic that it also happens to be National Eating Disorders Awareness Month). Anyways, I was so distraught that I decided I would do two things. The first was to go through all of my Facebook photos, from the beginning of high school 'til now, as a way of watching myself grow and appreciating change⎯4,173 pictures worth of growth and change! By the time I got through all the photos, I had rediscovered some of my endearing qualities; my younger self felt like a younger sibling, or someone I knew once a long time ago, and looking at pictures of who I used to be made me feel more okay somehow, almost protective. I feel considerably better after taking that very long journey down memory lane.

The second thing I did was this:

I have decided to take a mini-vacation! My school gets a week off for February Break, and while I had thought I would stay home and catch up on work, I realized a vacation would do me some good. So Henrik and I are leaving tomorrow morning⎯first to Monterey, then to Los Angeles! :) I'm really, really excited.

So yeah! Things are okay. :) Beneath the cut are some pictures of my younger self, high school Leila. It's a pretty random sampling, but I think it accurately sums up who I was at that time. Strange how much some things change, and how little others do.


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  1. Haah, great & funny photos ^^

    Btw, I love your header ! :> So cute..

    - Indie by Heart


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