Monday, March 26, 2012

bears and civil engineers

Today was a fun day! Henrik, my dad, and I walked around Berkeley for most of the afternoon. My father came to the United States to go to school, and it was at U.C. Berkeley that he got his Ph.D in civil engineering. He took me to visit during finals week of my senior year of high school, with hopes of sparking my interest. It definitely made a lasting impression; 3 years later, I found myself living 10 minutes from the wonderful university, and Henrik and I have begun plans to apply this upcoming fall for our own graduate education. It's really interesting living with Henrik just minutes from where my parents had their apartment, only a few years older than we are now. Life is so funny, I think.

Here are some pictures straight from my camera. :) I'm really impressed with it! My cameras are like my children or something, I ooh and ahh at them and praise them and take incredible care of them. I'm thrilled to have this new addition to my "family", haha. :) (Fun fact: I have 13 total cameras. No joke!)

Blast from the past..

left: senior year of high school ||| right: 4 years later :)

What I wore:

skirt: American Apparel ~ blazer: thrifted ~ blouse: thrifted vintage ~ shoes: Forever 21 ~ purse: H&M

Andddd, for funsies, another video! Haha, can you tell I'm enjoying playing with this new feature? ;)

song: "Before I Knew" Basia Bulat


  1. You are so pretty! :) And Berkley's a wonderful school! I have a lot of friends who go there! I wish I could've gone there, but they didn't have my major :/

  2. Thank you! :D Berkeley is fantastic; I'm still looking at programs, but I'm crossing my fingers that the programs I want/similar ones are at Berkeley.. we'll see!

  3. I love Basia Bulat! She's a fellow Canadian actually I think :) And this outfit is stunning, love the soft, femme colour palette and the little details. Glad to see you had such a wonderful time :)

    Alexandra xo


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