Monday, March 12, 2012


I was taking pictures today for my spankin' new Etsy store (I hope to get most of my things posted tomorrow afternoon!) and decided to take a picture of my closet⎯er, one of them, anyway. :P Yes, I have indeed dominated two of the closets in our apartment. The one pictured below is actually in our little "family room;" Henrik and I share the one in our bedroom, and I also have two dressers. Basically, I have a lot of clothes. I went to Crossroads last weekend and took a whole bunch of stuff to sell; ended up walking away with a cool $100, so not too bad! But, clearly, I still have a lot of clothes.

I used to work at a second hand clothes store. I started there in the fall of my first year of college, and left this past summer when I moved out here to begin teaching. I really enjoyed working there for many reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is because I love sifting through clothes. I used to work at Urban Outfitters, too, but that quickly became boring; I found I got sick of looking at the same clothes for weeks. I'm a second hand addict because it's always an adventure; you never know what you'll get.

When I was a child, I wore hand-me-downs. I spent a lot of time wishing that I could live in a mall, so that I would be able to wake up each morning and wear something I never had before. This idea thrilled me. I suppose it never left me either, because I still think a bit like that; I rarely recycle outfits, and now that I am able to afford clothes of my own, I hoard them for those "just in case" occasions. I really enjoy clothes⎯finding them, wearing them, altering them, sifting through them. I am, aside from this particular addiction, a fairly practical person, caught up in issues of politics and human rights and those sorts of things. Clothes are my one allowance in fancifulness; they are my outlet for simple pleasure without seriousness or responsibility.

Anyways, speaking of clothes, this is what I wore today! I wasn't feeling well this morning, so I stayed in the house until about 4, when Henrik and I went out for a late lunch/early dinner and grocery shopping. A woman stopped me at Trader Joe's and exclaimed that I was "beautiful" and that my outfit was "so cute" and she was "jealous." It really made my day! Unexpected compliments mean so much, particularly because they seem so genuine; it takes effort to stop a stranger and tell them something nice. :)

blouse: thrifted ~ velvet skirt: thrifted ~ tights: H&M ~ shoes: free! (urban outfitters)

And, I'm really lame, but this skirt swishes in a really fun way that the pictures didn't fully I made this:

Ohhhhh yeahhhh. Check out those dance moves. Henrik and I cracked up for a good minute after I finished making this.

While Henrik and I were out, I couldn't help but drift into a vintage shop. (Yes, yes, more clothes.) Lookie what I got!

duffel bag!

it had me at "penguin pockets."

I realize I have a million more things to post, but I promise I've been working on them! Getting back into the swing of work again after that February break is proving more difficult than I expected. :P Hope you all had a great weekend. Monday, I'm ready for ya'.


  1. Ooooooo. You know I'm jealous of that bag!

  2. Um that moving pictures is just beyond adorable. Love it! Even though there's just two tones in the outfit, the textures and details make it so interesting and femme.

    Alexandra xo


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