Saturday, March 31, 2012


Henrik and I went to Haight/Ashbury today and were impressed with the beautiful weather! When we went in the fall, it was so cold and rainy that we immediately got back on a bus and headed home. :P Today, though, there wasn't even a hint of rain. Very lucky!

Bought a few things (of course) and people-watched a fair deal. Haight is a good place for that, I'd say.




What I wore:

top: vintage ~ skirt: American Apparel ~ cardigan: vintage ~ earrings: vintage ~ shoes: Urban Outfitters

I really am fond of pastels, and I'm excited that spring's arrived so that I have an excuse to wear them! Do you all know when Easter is? Being Muslim, I never seem to know when it arrives and Henrik (who's atheist) is no help either. Just curious, because I know people wear all sorts of pastels for Easter! Plus, it'd be good to know when all the shops will be closed down and all. ;P

Here are the thrifting purchases I made today and yesterday! I'm pumped to wear these soon. :D


  1. Easter is the 8th. ;) Even though I'm Christian and it's one of my favorite holidays, I still forget what day it is each year...Thus, getting me into the conundrum of buying tickets to see Les Mis for Easter night!

  2. I love a dress with cheesecakes and from lace, and as a blouse of gently pink color. Fine choice!


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