Monday, April 2, 2012

in bloom

Spring is here! I spent the weekend enjoying warm weather and (mostly) sunshine. Yesterday, one of my best friends, Elissa, came over. She lives in San Francisco, but we've been friends since way back in Michigan--middle school, baby! :) It was a lucky coincidence that we both ended up out here. Now, if we could only get Lexi to join us... ;)

Elissa, Henrik, and I went thrifting (as usual). I got a couple things, but was bummed when I was told I couldn't buy this beautiful white, beaded top because the tag was missing. Sigh. We came back and got Chinese food downstairs, then gorged ourselves on it while watching Arrested Development on Netflix. Great day? Definitely. :)

dress: vintage ~ boots: Bamboo ~ itty black denim shorts: DIY Levi

I love spring, and am excited to stop bundling up! My favorite clothes are definitely short dresses and itty-bitty shorts; see ya later, ill-fitting pants and bulky sweaters! Super pumped for warm weather clothes.

Speaking of clothes, here's what I picked up yesterday. I apologize for the royally crummy photos, but I took them at 9pm last night under the gross ceiling lights. #fashionbloggerproblems

The day earlier, I went with a student of mine and her younger brothers to see The Hunger Games! We were reading it together outside of class, and were very eager to see the movie. She's already on the third book! I have yet to start the second; I promised her that would be my project for spring break. It was really nice going to the movies (I haven't in ages), and it was especially nice to go with her and her brothers. It was one of those good reminders of why I do this job. I enjoyed myself. :)

Speaking of Hunger Games: a good read about cultural white washing. I don't know if you all saw the Twitter blow-up, but there's been some pretty nasty stuff working its way into the public eye. I could write a very long rant about how messed up it all is, but I think the article suffices. Basically: clearly Rue, Cinna, and Thresh were POC (people of color), and if that makes them less admirable and/or sympathetic characters in your eyes, you are a racist. Some of the comments people were posting are seriously disgusting. People who think racism is dead need a reality check, or possibly a link to Twitter (just to get started).

On a very different note, I am incredibly lonely because....Henrik left for France this morning! :'( He's visiting for a week, hanging out in the south of France with his mother and their family friend. I wish I could've gone too, but my spring break is next week⎯booooo. :( Anyways, it's very odd being alone in this apartment. So far, I've sat in my pajamas in bed eating Goldfish. .. yup.

That's my life! Now, off to do work and taxes⎯joy, joy, joy.


  1. Man you've got such a great thrifting eye, your purchases in this and the last post are so wonderful! I'm glad you saw The Hunger Games, but I too read the controversial blow ups from Twitter and was pretty ashamed that the fan base of something I really enjoyed could stoop so low. Your dress is so cute, too!

    Triple Thread

  2. Definitely my favourite of yours so far! The lighting is just perfect to showcase the beautiful, warm tones of the dress and I love how it just screams spring. So pretty!

    Alexandra xo

  3. Super duper cute dress! You look lovely. Also I want that floral blouse. $1.97 no waaaayyy. I really need to go thrifting haha.

  4. I love the dress, it is the sweetest! I'm in love with the print and the cut and how well it fits you, you look amazing!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I adore postcards as well - make all my friends and family get me postcards from places they've been to!

    I love your photos - you're really talented!

  6. That dress is so gorgeous on you! I love it!


  7. That dress is adorable on you!!! So perfect.

    Oh, and I can't believe all the controversy about The Hunger Games characters. It's pretty ridiculous :/

  8. Fine purchases!!! I am enamoured of your jacket in a floret! Really somewhere there are such prices. In Russia all prices with three zeroes))) you were lucky that you can cheaply and beautifully put on.


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