Sunday, April 8, 2012

it's easter?

Incredibly busy weekend! I didn't realize it was Easter until I looked outside and saw cars parked EVERYWHERE around our apartment. Apparently, the churches are bumpin' today. I'm Muslim, so I'm not included in the festivities, but I've always been curious about what people do on Easter. Do you eat? I know children look for eggs and get chocolate and stuff. Last year, Henrik's mother brought me a big egg filled with goodies. When Henrik gets back, we'll have to guy buy some discounted Peeps or something.

But yeah, very busy weekend! It's been a bit like college--without Henrik around, I've been hanging out with other people, which means I've been going to parties and things. On Friday, Beth (my partner at work) took me to dinner at a house she's considering moving into. It was a fantastic place, with a full bar in the basement! I never have seen something like it. Yesterday, I went to a birthday party for one of Beth's friends. The food was delicious; one particularly interesting dish was a rosemary and chocolate chip cake. It was delicious, but definitely nothing I'd ever had before!

Today, Dave (one of my best friends from Teach for America) and I had quite the ordeal trying to move the car to a place that wouldn't be ticketed tomorrow morning; thanks, Easter-goers, for taking up all the parking! ;P I spent most of the day in San Francisco with Elissa. It was beautiful weather, and we had fun catching up as we explored various shops. We ate at this wonderful restaurant called "Chow." I'm really quite lucky that we both happened to end up in the same place after high school. Though we took extremely different paths, we both ended up here in the Bay!

I apologize for not having many pictures this weekend. I'm trying to figure out how to take good pictures in my apartment because it's so small! For now, iPhone photos!

 Beth and I went to an Indian restaurant called "Favorite Indian Restaurant" on Friday for a lunch adventure.

 it was AMAZING

 fire at the party yesterday

 urban outfitters was selling this. no words.

tacky or offensive, take your pick!


 yay!! friends since 7th grade HOLLA

super yummy lemonade, matching my drink

Now, I think I'm going to watch Mad Men episodes on Netflix. I've become really absorbed in this show for some reason? I think like 99% of the people on the show are total jerks, but I still keep watching. Perhaps it's because they're beautiful jerks. Henrik comes back tomorrow night, so we'll see if my sudden, strange obsession with this show stops once he's back to occupy my time. In the meantime, time to watch some well-dressed jerks!

Also! I saw that I have 30 followers! I am really happy that so many people are interested in my blog--a sincere thank you to all of you who read this! :) I'm going to do something special for you guys to show my appreciation. Give me a couple days. :D

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