Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hello all! It is Sunday, a tad past noon, and I am alive and well. :) This week, as predicted, was extraordinarily busy; I fell asleep before 8pm nearly every evening from sheer exhaustion. Last night was a break from all the work. Last night was... prom!

One of the fun parts about teaching high school is that I can still take part in things like Spirit Week and school dances. All the teachers were super pumped for prom. How many of you guys would go back to prom if you could? I certainly couldn't wait.

It was exciting, too, because Henrik and I met in college, and so never got to go to a "fancy dance" together. There's something cute and romantic about the flutters you get as a teenager getting ready for the school dance, eager to see your date and hoping that they are excited too. Dress shopping, shoe shopping, getting gussied up⎯there's not enough of that in adult life! I was thrilled to get another chance at prom with this boy I love oh so very much. :)

my student did my nails!

cheesy prom pic, awww yeah!

our amazingly good-looking teaching staff

Had an amazing time. :) Danced awkwardly with some students while the songs played lyrics about "booties" and "donks" and stripping. Drank a lot of water. Was told by the prom photographer to "push out my breasts and butt" and to give him "sex appeal." Cheered on my student as he was nominated for prom king (but, alas, did not win). All in all, a great night. :)

Oh! And if you were curious: my shoes, dress, and purse were all thrifted. My dress was 12 dollars. Awww yeah!

Now, I have a day of lots more work (boo!). The end is in sight, though! Until then, watching Harry Potter while I work; makes it a lot more enjoyable. ;)

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  1. Lovely dress! Looks like a wonderful time! <3


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