Monday, May 28, 2012

american girl

This Memorial Day Weekend, I'm trapped inside with a lot of work; my final portfolio for my credential is due June 2nd (aka the day after my birthday, so lord knows I need to do it now). I did manage to escape for a few hours today to go grocery shopping. I decided to wear some patriotic gear to show some spirit, so I found my striped shorts and blue blouse and called it good.

blouse: thrifted vintage ~ shorts: Urban Outfitters ~ boots: Urban Outfitters

To be honest, I was a little nervous to wear these shorts today. I bought them a few months ago and have been avoiding wearing them. I gained a bit of weight this year (as most first year teachers do) and went through a period of being fairly self-conscious about it. But⎯to hell with that. No sense in being down on myself. My body will fluctuate and change as my lifestyle fluctuates and changes. I've got what I've got, and I might as well enjoy it! Bring on the short shorts, I'm not scared.

Enjoyed a great meal with Henrik; we tried to make it as "American" as possible, which sort of worked? Instead of burgers, I had a salmon patty and Henrik had a veggie burger. (I'd say that's close enough). We had corn, too, and Henrik has an apple pie in the oven. I have a good life, I really do. Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend! Shout-out to my barely-older-than-me cousin, Johnny, who just got back from Afghanistan. Love the bejesus out of him.


  1. too cute! LOVE THE SHORTS! and you are right, there's nothing to be self conscious about because you look great! :) xx

    1. Aww, thank you! :D you are so sweet. :)

  2. you look amazing!!perfect outfit!
    follow!if you want check out my blog!

    1. thank you! :D just checked out your blog and followed, you have fantastic style :)


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