Monday, May 21, 2012

so bright, I gotta wear shades

Hey, all! What a busy week/weekend! Henrik's mom came into town for a few days, so I've been kept away doing family sorts of things. When not hanging out with Henrik and his mother, I was doing errands. For example, guess who is now wearing contacts? This girl.

Yesterday, I went to the TFA people of color reception. I'm not usually into social events, particularly ones that involve me shmoozing with TFA folks, but this one offered free drinks and I was curious about what exactly was going to happen at this POC gathering. I went with David, fellow TFA teacher and best-friend-4-lyfe~ (if you're wondering our "colors", he's Latino and I'm Arab). It ended up being pretty good, if not only a bit bizarre, and Dave and I stood awkwardly near each other and attempted to socialize with people that looked familiar. Mostly, we cracked jokes and lounged on the couch. On a serious note, I do commend TFA for arranging a reception specifically for POC and their concession that the organization is not exactly super minority-friendly. It is critical that TFA becomes more inclusive so that more teachers going into these communities reflect the populations they serve. While being of the same racial or ethnic background won't solve everything, it is a step in the right direction; certainly, we cannot have an organization that serves mostly minority children run almost entirely by white, upper-middle class individuals (see: white savior complex). Don't get me wrong, I definitely love my white pals in the corps (and Henrik is a fine Nordic gentleman!), but the numbers should not be so skewed that there are only a handful of minorities compared to an overwhelming white majority. /end seriousness for today

 what a good looking team! ;D

And, totally unrelated, but today there was an eclipse, so Henrik and I stood outside and watched it!

Now, I'm heading to bed. Tomorrow's the big day! Week Without Walls! THRIFT/DIY FASHION WEEK. I'm sure I will be posting lots and lots, so keep an eye out. :) Super excited!


  1. Glad to hear that they are working to create a more diverse group of teachers. I am also glad you had a friend to tag along with you. I always hate going to functions alone. Super jealous you two got to see the eclipse!! It didn't happen on this side of the U.S. Have fun with the thrifting class. I can't wait to hear about how it goes :]

  2. You tell 'em. And by the way, the eclipse totally snubbed the east coast so, ya know, whatever. I can't wait to hear how the Week Without Walls goes!


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