Monday, June 11, 2012

countdown: 10

Hello, all! One of my all-time, seriously favorite bloggers, Annika, interviewed me recently, and ever since I have had quite the flurry of traffic this way! I'm very excited to have some new followers. Hello! I'm making my way to check out all of your blogs. :) Folks who messaged me about buttons: I am so excited! I will likely post 'em up sometime this week. If anyone needs help making a button, you can message me! If you still want to get in on button swapping but are shy, don't be! ;)

So, aside from that, here's what's new: I start up my LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL tomorrow. The end is in sight! I've made it! What that means is a lot of grading, end-of-year shenanigans (just you wait for a post about Water War Wednesday), and tummy jitters as I become increasingly in awe that I survived my first year of teaching.

Last week of school means something else is just around the corner⎯my trip! I am heading off on an international adventure the day after my last day of work; "eager" is a word I might use to describe this choice. My trip, which spans 6-and-a-half weeks, will take me to Denmark (very briefly), Sweden, France, Tunisia, and then quickly to New York on both ends. Henrik and I will be visiting his folks (Sweden & France) and my motley crew of relatives (Tunisia baby!), which means you all get to look forward to posts about me laying on the beach and eating excellent food. After last summer's utter hell⎯I N S T I T U T E⎯I think I deserve a real vacation. I take off from SFO airport on June 19th, but I will be in New York for most of June 20th, so I don't really count my international adventure starting point until at least the 20th. I haven't been to the parts of France and Sweden we're going to, but I've been visiting/living in/loving the shit out of Tunisia since I was a few months old. Though Tunisia is my Favorite Place Ever, work and school have kept me away for 2 years, which is seriously unheard of. Thus, I have a lot I'm looking forward to, because it has been way too long.

I thought a fun way to get me through this week would be to count down the days with things I am excited for waiting for me in Tunisia. I don't know enough about what I'm excited for in France and Sweden apart from beaches, so that's why I'm only listing Tunisian things! Today kicks off number 10.

When people used to ask me why I wanted a Tunisian wedding one day, I would always respond with one thing⎯couscous. Couscous, or kuseksi, is a Tunisian staple. We eat it for lunch. We eat it for dinner. We eat it with fish, we eat it with vegetables. We eat it spicy with harissa, or we're wimps like me and we eat it without. And yes, we eat it at weddings. Big ol' bowls of it. When I looked up couscous on Wikipedia because I was curious, this is what I found:

Very accurate. So yes, #10, I am excited for couscous! The pre-made stuff you can get here in the States just doesn't cut it, I'm sorry to say. Did you know that traditionally, couscous would take days to make? Women would gather to roll the grains and would make enough to keep for long periods of time. Of course, now they have machines to do that sort of thing, but still! That's how good it is.

Don't believe me? Come over to North Africa and try some for yourself! :)


  1. Oh wow I love couscous...I agree it is perfect for every occasion! I bet you can't wait for your long trip abroad it sounds so exciting, I can't wait to see the blog posts on it, you'll have to take loads of photographs! p.s congrats on your first year of teaching!

  2. Hey, no problem, you totally deserve it! And that makes me so happy to hear that you've got a whole bunch of new followers! So, I just had to wikipedia Tunisia because I am extremely ignorant and didn't even know where it was. It looks gorgeous, though. Your whole trip plan made me extremely jealous. Bon voyage! I hope we get to see some outfit photos from your travels ;)

  3. Oh I'm so excited for your travel posts! I love reading about people's international adventures :D Congratulations on such an epic milestone! I imagine the first year of teaching would be incredibly daunting. Looking forward to the rest of the countdown! Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  4. Never tried couscous before, but I've heard nothing but good things about it! And I'm so excited for you and your trip! I'm sure it'll be amazing! xo

  5. Couscous is SO good! My best friend's mom growing up would make it with sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, and feta, yum!
    Anyway, I just read your interview on the Pineneedle collective and had to stop by and say hi for myself. I have a lot more back-reading to do to catch up on your blog, but I loved the writing and style I have seen so far! Are you still looking for blog buttons?! I am designing mine in the next week or so and would love to pass it on :)

    Good luck with your last week of school!
    x Hannah

    1. Thank you! :D And yes! I am definitely still looking for buttons, so send one my way m'am! :D

  6. I'm going to pee my pants because this trip sounds so awesome. Don't freak out if a random girl pops out of your suitcase. That's just me.

  7. Mmm couscous. I have a friend who always says, "The food so nice, they had to name it twice!" whenever someone mentions couscous, haha.

    My boyfriend is friends with a girl from Tunisia and she is wonderful. I'm always talking about how much I love her! Your trip sounds amazing and I am SO jealous!


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