Friday, June 15, 2012

countdown: 7, 6, 5

Hey all! It has been an incredibly hectic couple days, which I was not expecting at all. Yesterday was the last day of school! That means my first year of teaching is officially over. I survived! Yes, yes, yes!

my "holy shit, I did it" face

I honestly am still in a bit of shock, but that's okay! I have oodles of pictures to post this weekend now that I'm on ~summer vacation~, but today I need to run and watch some of my babies graduate. That's right. I'm watching some of my first students ever graduate today. All of my seniors are walking the stage. After a brutal year of struggling and struggling and working and struggling some more, they will cross the stage at noon to accept their high school diplomas. I'm pretty sure the waterworks are about to come on full strength as I sit in my fancy dress and try not to look professional and composed.

But yes, more about that later. In all the hecticness of end-of-the-year events and my out of control tear ducts, I totally did not come on to post more of my countdown/things I love about Tunisia. I'm sad to say that there has actually been a fair bit of bad news about Tunisia recently, things that are making me nervous. Some of the conservative religious folks are causing a lot of trouble⎯burning things, making threats. A curfew has been imposed in most major cities. I'm hoping it calms down soon so that there isn't any difficulty with Henrik trying to come into the country; I'm a Tunisian citizen, so I don't expect trouble, but he might if things keep up the way they are. I also, of course, am worried in general for my country. It's a turbulent time and I really hope things don't go downhill. Cross your fingers that things get better. If you're curious, you can read more here, here, and here.

Keeping positive, here's what I'm looking forward to; because I missed three days, I thought this would be a good choice. ;)

Who are these astoundingly good-looking people? Why, my aunt and cousins, of course! I have grown up with this family. Every summer, they would welcome me and my rowdy siblings into their home. Slim would entertain us with Tuorock on Nintendo 64, Hend would share her Mulan figurines, and Tata Lilia would bring home bags of olives from the market because she knew they were my favorite. I have so much love for the three you see pictured here. When I think of Tunisia, I think of these goofballs and all the adventures we've had. Slim, who is two years older than me, has been one of my best friends from the very beginning. Hend is the coolest girl you'll ever meet. Her intelligence, creativity, and humor are unmatched. This family has been there for me always. Even across the ocean, they send their love and support consistently through Facebook and messages relayed to my father on his visits. I am lucky to have such great relatives. I cannot wait to see them.


  1. Congratulations on completing your first year! It's a tough job so well done for coming out the other side alive!! I won't complete mine until Christmas. I wish my summer was now. Our end of term is 4 weeks, 4 days away yet (yes, I'm counting!)



  2. Congrats to the end of your first year teaching! I sure could never be a teacher, I admire you! Sorry to hear about whats going on in Tunisia, I will have to read more about it. I love your cousins curls, so pretty!
    happy friday!
    x Hannah

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and it's super cute! If you have time, you should stop by and say 'hello'! Also, congratulations on finishing your first year teaching, that's quite an experience :)

  4. such a cute blog :D you look awsome on the first photo :)

  5. Well done on your first year through, you must feel so proud. You certainly look pretty happy! :)

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  6. No,no! Slou is the greatest and he can hula hoop.

  7. More congratulations for you!!! Good work on getting through the first year completely :)
    Tunisia will be in my thoughts. I hope that everything works out ok.

    Oh and lists are fantastic right? Kind of like this list helping you to get through the week :D I can't imagine being away from my aunty or cousins for so long. I really do hope Henrik doesn't have any trouble getting in and that the situation has improved for you stay (and for everyone there). Looking forward to 4, 3, 2 & 1!! Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  8. Congratulations completing your first year and to your students graduating! What an accomplishment.

    I am crossing my fingers that things turn around in Tunisia and improve. I also hope that you and Henrik have safe travels. Your aunt and cousins also sound very sweet :] I am sure they are so excited to see you.

  9. Congratulations I'm so proud of you Leila <3 don't worry about the situation in Tunisia it's safe now there was only some bad acts, but now the situation is under control. we are waiting for you and hope that all the family has come this summer love you all
    Lilia CHATTI

  10. Awwww Lei! You're so cuuute!
    Congratulation! I miss you soooo much, can't wait to see you!!!


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