Wednesday, June 13, 2012

countdown: 8

I am incredibly sleepy this evening and looking to cuddle Henrik before he passes out from exhaustion beside me, so this post will be brief! It is also fairly obvious, so I thought it would be a good fit for my current brain-dead state. ;)

Beaches. Bitches love beaches.

In all seriousness, the beaches in Tunisia are freaking bomb. This is Monastir (I was on top of a large tower when I took this). In Sousse, we usually head to Chott Meriem. Kelibia and Hammamet have some pretty solid beaches, too. Beaches, beaches, beaches! How can I not look forward to this??

On a totally unrelated note, I went through my spam inbox on a whim to see if I missed anything important (thanks for hiding my American Apparel birthday code, Gmail! >:O ). I didn't find too much, but I did get some major chuckles at all the penis enlargement/pornography ads that were sent my way. For your enjoyment, dear friends, a sampling:

I like the alliteration going on in the first one. Also, Henrik asks a good question: what kind of balloons? Water balloons? Hot air balloons? Clarification, please. As for the second one, I always aim to frighten people with my genitalia.
I'll leave you all with my personal favorite:

Have a nice night, folks. ;P


  1. What! I never get spam that amusing. I feel hard done by now!

  2. Great!!!


  3. Okay 1. that beach looks like heaven if heaven was made of salt water and sand. and 2. Does that spam ever really work on people?

  4. The last part of this post made me laugh so I had to comment here as well :P
    Also the picture of that beach alone would be enough to make me want to travel to Tunisia. Perhaps next year when I'm in Milan for 6 months I'll take a little side trip... ;)

    The Wildest of Dreams


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