Tuesday, June 12, 2012

do it yerself

To prepare myself for a summer of not-a-lot of thrifting, I went on a little shopping spree this weekend. I don't really consider second-hand stores like Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, and Plato's Closet thrifting, per se, but it is still relatively cheap and not new, so I guess it'll mostly count. I hit up Crossroads in Rockridge this weekend because I was lazy and it was near my eye appointment. ;) Anyways, here's the loot!

I also did an assortment of DIYs! They're not terribly fancy, but if you're curious, check it out! :)

DIY: Studs
It seems like everyone is getting into studs, and I'm included in that. I wanted to stud something but faced a problem: no studs. I checked a couple stores during Week Without Walls, but being the resourceful (read: impatient and stubborn) person that I am, after a few no-go's I decided to get studs another way. My dear friend, Elissa, deserves credit for this one.

You know those studded belts kids used to wear in middle school, wrapped around their pudgy bellies as they walked by to the tune of Good Charlotte? God bless those kids, and God bless 2003. Without them, where would we find our awesome studded belts? Probably not at thrift stores, but thanks to that fad, I'm willing to bet that there are belts a'plenty at your local thrift spot. There were at mine⎯snagged this one for like a buck.

So you've got your belt. Next step is to get something flat and hard, like a screwdriver or some pliers. I used this handy-dandy tool I found in Henrik's junk drawer. With your hard, flat thingy (...), pry the ends of the little studs so that they're standing up straight. It might take some digging to get under the edge, but keep trying!

Once the metal ends are sticking up, just pop 'em out. Next thing you have to do is push them into whatever it is you're studding. I studded that denim vest, and it wasn't hard at all to poke through.

Easy peasy, right? Lemon squeezy, you might even say (oh ha ha ha). But yeah, you've got your spiky ends through. Last step is simple⎯just press 'em down!

Ta-da! So easy! This whole "craft" project took me like 10 minutes after I got the studs out of the belt; de-studding the belt takes a lot of time, but it's not too hard, and who doesn't like pseudo-recycling? ;)

DIY: Bleach
Bleach has become one of my favorite DIY tools. Why? BECAUSE HOW FRIGGIN EASY IS IT?! You just splash some bleach on stuff, and voilĂ , instant cool-factor! I dig it.

I bought this black crop top during my shopping extravaganza:

Yeah, yeah, cute, but boring! I wanted to bring it to life! I wanted to play with poisonous chemicals! So, I brought out the bleach.

Word of caution: I live in an apartment and don't have a yard, so I did all this in my bathroom. It smelled awful and I'm pretty sure I inhaled some gnarly fumes. Make sure you have some good ventilation to keep your brain cells from getting fried, ladies.

Anyways, so find a place where you don't mind bleach getting everywhere⎯bathroom, kitchen perhaps, crime scene.... I hung my clothes up on a hanger and put it up on the shower rod. You'll likely want a spray bottle also; feel free to reuse an old one you have laying around. Henrik had this one, because Henrik has everything.

I started off by doing some random⎯and I mean random⎯squirts to make the stars. I was liking it, but wanted more oomph. Like, Milky Way oomph. I wanted a freaking nebula (look at me getting sciencey, aka talking about things of which I know little). I also found that the droplets kept sliding down and leaving trails, which I wasn't super big on. Darn you, gravity!

To fix this, I climbed into my shower and held up the end of my shirt so that it was more-or-less horizontal and parallel to the bathtub floor. With my free hand, I squirted a heck of a lot of bleach into the areas I wanted big splotches. I held it steady so the bleach didn't dribble all over the place. Then, after about a minute, I let it go.

Once I was done, it looked like this! I'm pretty darn pleased with it. :) Of course, you're definitely going to want to wash it before you wear it; I rinsed mine in the shower with lukewarm water. If you don't rinse it, your skin will be itchy when you wear it, you'll smell like swimming pool gone wrong, and you may very well get some holes in your garment if the bleach keeps eating through it. So, wash it! You'll get to see all sorts of yellowish run-off drain out, mmmm! ;) Wait until the bleach is dry, though.

There you have it! Two incredibly easy DIYs. If you haven't tried either of these yet, don't be shy! They're really easy and a great way to spruce up plain items just laying around.

Ps. And if you need extra incentive, check this out:


  1. I love that leather fringe bag! Great diy's too! I have been wanting to go to the craft store to buy studs! You have totally encouraged me Leila (:


    PS: I would love if you joined my latest giveaway for £50 to Motel Rocks!

  2. I love these DIYS. The bleaching looks so easy and creates such a cool tie-dye-ish effect.


  3. Wow this is so easy!! I have a black t-shirt in my wardrobe that's screaming out to have the milky way blasted all over it...thank you for sharing this wonderful d.i.y!

  4. Awesome DIYs! But my favorite part by far is "With your hard, flat thingy" hahah.

  5. Nice DIY's! Great finds..the purses are my favorite!
    stop by my blog sometime if you ever get the chance :)

  6. Everything in this post is amaaaazing. The galaxy shirt turned out PERFECTLY! I need to try that asap. :)

  7. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! New Follower via email :-)


  8. That galaxy shirt is simply wonderful, I'm going to have to give this a go very soon, it's just so great!

  9. hahah "like a pool gone wrong". that's pretty crafty, the shirt came out really great! and i can't believe you found those awesome finds at those stores- i usually can't rustle up anything from them. i especially love that fringe purse.

  10. That wooden purse is amazing... I think I am going to go bleach something right now.


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