Friday, June 22, 2012

hej from sweden!

I am currently writing from someone else's [slightly sketchy] wifi, but I wanted to post and say that I am not dead! I am very much alive, if only a bit sleepy. :)

After 3 full days of traveling⎯who knew San Francisco was so far from Scandinavia⎯I am safely in Sweden, curled up in bed at Henrik's grandmother's house. Today is Midsummer Day, a holiday celebrated  in Northern Europe. There's lots of history behind the holiday (including a bit about fertility, oo la la!), but how Henrik explains it is that most people celebrate with big meals, may poles, and copious amounts of alcohol. Not too bad! It's raining currently, but I hope to snap some pictures of the festivities if there are any. Henrik's currently off getting champagne and smoked salmon as I speak.

How did I arrive here at Sweden? Well, here's the brief break down:

Oakland ---> BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) ---> San Francisco Airport ---> plane ---> JFK Airport ---> taxi ---> Brooklyn (to visit our friend Ian) ---> metro ---> JFK Airport ---> shuttle ---> plane ---> Copenhagen ---> train ---> BĂ„stad ---> taxi ---> Henrik's grandmother's house

Phew! A lot of traveling. :) I took primarily film photos thus far, so you'll have to wait a bit for those. Here are some Instagram shots of the first leg of the trip!

As for 2 and 1 of my countdown, I'll have to upload those when my internet connection is more solid. I also have an exciting bit of information to share (exciting for me, anyways), so that's coming too. Thanks for being patient while I've been running around on this crazy adventure, guys!


  1. I'm so jealous! I would absolutely love to visit Sweden!


  2. Sounds like an absolute dream! I would love to visit there someday. Enjoy every minute of it:) xx Marisa

  3. That picture of the city from a plane looks too amazing!

  4. Awwww what, you're in sweden!! That's where my boyfriend and I want to live when we're a bit older, haha. It sounds too good, apart from the cold, but at least it'll be lovely there now! How long are you there for?


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