Sunday, July 29, 2012

strawberry fields forever

Flashback to Sweden!

So, I don't know if you all have been to Sweden, but if you have not, you should find a time to go (I'd heavily advise the summer). Why go? My main reason: strawberries.

Okay, so I went to meet Henrik's grandmother/see the land of his forebearers, but if I had known about the strawberries beforehand, I would have gone for them too. They are phenomenal. I'm a pretty big strawberry fan, as I buy them every week, but I don't know how I'll look at my California strawberries the same after my short, passionate affair with Sweden's. You know how most strawberries have a white bit inside that tastes like nothing? Well, Swedish ones don't⎯they're completely red all the way through, and you can practically feel the juice in them when you hold them. They are de-freaking-licious.

Henrik and I went strawberry picking with his grandmother one day. He used to go all the time, but I⎯being Arab and raised by strict city-folks⎯never had. So here's a glimpse of my first time strawberry picking! It was very enjoyable, both the picking and the gorging afterwards. :)


  1. You're shoes are the cutest ever! And I love fresh picked strawberries :)

  2. Pretty, pretty photos! Looks like the perfect day.

  3. Beautiful photos, and my mouth is now watering!!

  4. so beautiful pics.

  5. yes, I have been to Sweden in the summer, but I didn't go strawberry picking, and am now wishing I had. This looks so delightful. And I LOVE strawberries! DO you have any strawberry recipes?

  6. Sounds like so much fun! And those strawberries look really delicious :)

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