Thursday, August 16, 2012

anniversary dinner: lo coco's

Happy Thursday, everyone! Thank you all for your congratulations on my last post. Time really does fly, doesn't it?

Henrik and I enjoyed a fantastic dinner in Piedmont. If you're ever in Oakland (or, heck, the Bay Area), you should definitely check it out!


What to expect:
They don't take reservations, so we arrived at 7:30 in order to make my 8:03 eating time (thanks to Ramadan!). The wait was about 15-20 minutes. Inside, it's small, but every table was filled; there's a slightly older crowd here, which is likely due to the $15+ menu. The bread you get with your meal is DELICIOUS. Our servers were super friendly, including a woman who scolded us playfully and said we'd better eat all of our suppers (as if that would be a problem). Choices consist of pasta, pizza, and salads. Heads up, though⎯this place only takes cash or checks.

Whom to bring:
Anyone who loves Italian! 

Personal favorites:
Henrik got the pesto ravioli, which was amazingly creamy and delicious, but came in a pretty small portion. I, on the other hand, got the eggplant Parmesan and it was HUGE and fantastic! The tomato sauce is unlike anything I've ever eaten⎯in a good way. It's very tangy and fresh. Though we didn't try it, the pizza is well-known for being very good. 

Check it out if you get the chance!


  1. This place looks freaking delicious. Pesto raviolis??? You've got me thinking about driving across the country.

  2. that pesto raviloli looks to die for. i lives in san francisco for 4 years and i miss all the deliciousness that bay area restaurants provide. my initial student teaching will be with 7th or 8th graders and my subject is english. its gonna be an interesting semester. but i am a substitute teacher so i know what i'm in for. :)

  3. oh yum...that pesto is making my stomach feel, suddenly, very empty indeed. yum, yum, yum.

  4. yummo! if only such scrumptious food wasn't on the other side of the world. maybe if i'm ever in the neighbourhood... and I lurve italian!

  5. I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! Your photography is just impeccable and your blog is simply the epitome of perfection! I'm your newest, most avid follower, and it'd mean the world to me if you followed me back! :) Have a lovely day, I look forward to reading your future posts!

    Love from, MISSIFFA


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