Sunday, August 5, 2012

beautiful things

I'm laying here still wet from the shower, my clothes still in their drawers and my hair in wet unmanaged clumps, and I have so many things to do but no motivation to do them. Today is the last day of summer. This time tomorrow, I will be fully dressed and dry, and I will be looking over data on college readiness, contemplating what I need to do this year to get my students not only into college, but prepared to survive it as well. I am resisting this responsibility by taking no responsibility this entire day; it's a wet, sleepy rebellion. Plus, it's gray outside, so you can't really blame me.

In my lazy state, I've been looking at things and reading things, and I've been thinking about beautiful stuff. Yesterday, I got myself up and walked from Oakland to Berkeley instead of taking the BART. Don't congratulate me too much, as I was going on a big shopping spree so it wasn't just to get my blood pumping, but while I was walking, I realized how rare it is that I take the time to slow down and look around. My legs definitely ached at the end of the day, protesting against the uncharacteristic use I had forced upon them, but I am determined to walk like that more often. It's cliché, but there is beauty everywhere and we miss it each day we rush through. When walking, I saw a house with children's drawings taped in every window; my favorite was one of big, grinning bats, for Halloween (a bit early, but no judgement here). I found myself smiling, too, because how wonderful children are, and how wonderful are the adults who recognize children as such. I would not have noticed this house and its drawings if I were in a car. I would likely instead be on my phone, absorbed in mobile Facebook, missing the bats' grins as we sped by.

Speaking of beauty, I have decided to revamp my wardrobe. Every couple years, I get this jolt as if someone pushed a reset button in the back of my brain, and suddenly I am bored with what I have and want to switch it. I am now bored of most of my wardrobe. I've gathered my clothes into a pile (you might say "heap" or "gigantic mound") and plan to sell them or donate them, but they will definitely not stay here much longer. I've taken some steps towards my new wardrobe⎯that shopping spree I mentioned above⎯and have enjoyed window shopping online. Here are some items that have caught my eye:


And, still talking about beauty, I've been looking at pictures of kitties, and really, could they be more adorable? I don't think so. I have been wanting a kitten for the past year and⎯cross your fingers⎯I think I may be getting one soon. Tell me your kitty stories, because I know so many of you are cat owners! (Or puppy stories, or birdies, or three headed lizards, whatever). How'd you pick yours out? What inspired its name? My family has two cats in Michigan, but this will be the first pet I get on my own. Hopefully everything works in my favor! :)

Anddd more beauty. 50 years later, may she rest in peace:

“A sex symbol becomes a thing. I hate being a thing.” - Marilyn Monroe

I'll leave you with one final beautiful thing⎯the ending to a poem, so perfect it nearly made me cry.

Maybe poems are made of breath, the way water,
cajoled to boil, says, This is my soul, freed.

- Dean Young, "Scarecrow on Fire"

(If you have anything you'd like to share, please leave it in the comments! I'd love to see more wonderful things while I lie in bed for the rest of my day. :) )

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