Friday, August 31, 2012

one of those days

Okay, so the calendar claims it's the 31st, but I swear someone mixed up the 1 and 3 because it feels like Friday the 13th. Everything has gone wrong today. Here's a super brief synopsis!

All of us teachers had to wear our new school shirts, though the reason was not explained to me, and I am not a fan of t-shirts. Got to school and it was cloudy and cold. Kids were distracted/goofy despite the fact they had quizzes to study for AND their grades are already dropping (it's been like 9 days of school...???). Went to heat up my lunch, it took 6 minutes. Okay. Waited six minutes. Took out said lunch. Walked to the door. It slipped from my arms and splatted⎯yes, splatted, you would say "splatted" too if you heard it⎯and every single bit of my spaghetti meal spread across the floor, resembling a crime scene. Had to clean up the steaming spaghetti. Went to 5th block. Spilled tea all over the desk/the floor/a student I do not know. Got up awkwardly in SOMEONE ELSE'S CLASS and walked IN FRONT OF ALL THESE KIDS to get to the paper towels. There was a lecture and everyone was staring, and they also don't really know who I am. I had to do this horrifying walk of teacher-shame not once, not twice, but three times because I underestimated the immense volume of tea my dinky paper cup could evidently hold. As I'm mopping up the mess under the desk, my assistant principal walks in and sees me. Does not look pleased.

So.. yeah. Luckily, I have a gaggle of fantastic kiddos who knew about said day and so gave me large amounts of love (they also laughed, but I guess I can't blame them). To make myself feel a bit better, here are things that are right with the world:

- Alan Rickman
- fee waivers for grad. school applications
- my wonderful, loving boyfriend
- 3 day weekends
- the fact I will likely be thrifting tomorrow
- ice cream sandwiches waiting in the freezer
- this video:

What are you feeling thankful for? Hopefully you all had a better day than I have. :P On the plus side, Henrik and I are going to see 311 and Slightly Stoopid in concert tonight! I surprised him with tickets this week. Let's just pray it doesn't decide to rain, eh? ;P


  1. aww! you're awesome. i am sure i will have a day like far the most damage i have caused is tripping over chairs and my students feet/backpacks. at least once a day. ha.

  2. You have to wear a school shirt? Like a school uniform for teachers? That's awful!

    Haha I am so with you on Alan Rickman! So long as Alan Rickman is in the world, everything is ok!



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