Saturday, August 18, 2012

roll 3: sweden

More film from my vacation for you! This roll was of everyday life with Henrik and his grandmother during our 3 week stay in Sweden.

Some explanations: 

In Sweden, alcohol is regulated by the government, so it's sold in separate shops! (How bizarre, right?) Also, most of these photos were taken within Henrik's grandmother's glass house. Because Sweden is cold, but generally gets a lot of sunlight, she had a glass house built in her backyard. It's where she spends a lot of her day, reading or just sitting, and we had our meals there. The glass really did keep heat in, and because the temperature was usually quite mild (there were a few exceptions, and then the glass house was sweltering), the effect was pleasant.
On another note, happy Saturday all! Don't forget, only a few hours left in my giveaway! :)


  1. Your pictures are amazing.

    Love them =D


  2. Your blog is great. I love all your pictures & fashion posts.

  3. I've always wanted to go to sweden, how fun!! berries and cream looks sooo good

  4. Hi Leila!

    I just wanted to say I found your blog via Chictopia, and I absolutely love it!
    I really like your style and you are absolutely gorgeous! I spent most of my Sunday reading yours and a few others blogs. Anyways, just wanted to say hi from your new avid reader! :D

    -Soleil :)
    p.s. I love thrifting and crafting too, and have started attempting to incorporate a bunch of my outfits with them too.

  5. lovely photos! great work in composition! xoxo

  6. I love that you caught these on film. It's different- it just is. And OH MY GEEZ Henrik's grandma looks like the most adorable thing to walk this planet.

  7. Hey Leila! You have such a great style and your photography is always a pleasure to check out. I nominated you for The Leibster Award and am hoping that you hit 200 members by tomorrow. Seriously, your blog is way too worth it.

    Anyway, check out your nom here:

    Take care, lady!

  8. you take the prettiest pictures! i just found your blog and i am in love!

  9. Such beautiful photos!
    I'm a few weeks into the new semester and uni (we start earlier in the southern hemisphere cause of seasons and shiz) and I'm still trying to get back into everything! I hope your year continues to be grand and that the kids value what you're doing for them :) You're part of the Teach for America program right? I'm really hoping to get into Teach for Australia when I graduate so I like hearing about your school-related adventures! :D
    Digging the new blog design! Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams


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