Thursday, August 2, 2012

roll one: sweden, denmark, italy!

Back in Cali (Cali!). Traveling was quite the... adventure. Here's the short version: flew from Tunis to Nice (with a delay), stayed the night in a hotel, flew to New York, stayed the night with friends, flew to San Francisco. 3 days of travel! Yesterday was particularly exciting. Henrik and I got to the subway at the time we had planned at being at the airport...only to find out people had already been waiting for this train for 45 minutes. As the minutes began adding up and it became 3 o'clock (did I mention our plane was leaving at 4?), Henrik and I panicked and ran upstairs to find a cab. It was raining, so traffic was awful, and a police woman told us we would have better luck with the train. So, we ran back downstairs and found⎯to our horror⎯that the train had arrived. And we had no more money on our tickets. Henrik dove under the gate after sliding his bag through, and I leapt over the bar⎯desperate times, you know⎯and we pushed through the crowd just in time before the doors shut behind us. We got to the airport, ran the whole way, got through security, and found that our plane was delayed by 20 minutes. Which was lucky, because we had gotten there at 3:40. Phew!

As promised, I have lots of pictures to post from my trip. I have a whole buncha' rolls of film, so I'm developing them a couple at a time (though I'm getting antsy already, so I might just splurge and do them all soon). Expect lots of pictures in no particular order! This roll has pictures from Sweden, Denmark, and Italy. :)


  1. oh it looks like a wonderful trip!

  2. Leilouta, just ran into your blog this morning and moved around different blogs! (I was sick in bed all morning) I loved it.. So many different experiences, thoughts, beautiful photos, memories.. It brought me so many joyful thoughts, that I am over my sickness! You are so inspiring.. So much energy, good will, so many interesting thoughts.. I am so proud to be your Dad! Love you!

  3. Fantastic, the photos are lovely! It looks like you had a wonderful time, so many things to see. I see you went to an aquarium, I recently went to an aquarium too, it always feels odd going while at home, it just makes more sense on holiday doesn't it?


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