Sunday, August 12, 2012

shop spotlight: spikes and seams

I wrote a bit earlier about purging my closet and starting again. (Do you guys find it similarly refreshing to switch up your wardrobe every once in a while?) While I was looking for new things, I came across a really great little store with some unique stuff. It's called Spikes and Seams.

If you're into feminine clothing with an edge, I think you'll find you like it too! She'll even be taking custom orders soon. Here are some of the items I'm currently eying:

What items do you all like best?


  1. Those galaxy shorts are to die for! I didn't used to like it when I first discovered it, but now I really want something with it!

  2. I love everything! Especially all of the denim shorts! And that skull bracelet is amazing.

  3. I definitely know what you mean! I am constantly trying to change up my wardrobe. I just threw out half the clothes in my closet! I love the printed shorts, and skull jewelry is always a must for me. Very cute!


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