Thursday, August 9, 2012

what's new, pussycat?

Let's not waste time with the obvious: I got a kitten!

Meet Sylvia "Sylvie" Plath, aka the world's greatest (and strangest) kitten and our new baby:

With that and before-school-professional-development, I've been a busy lady. Professional development is boring, so I'm going to write about my cat.

Sylvie is both Henrik and I's first pet on our own. It was a bit terrifying to bring her home and realize that we really are "almost" parents. Suddenly I have to think about another living creature's food and sleep and health⎯for such a small creature, she sure packs a whole bunch of responsibility. Still, I think as a mostly-adult, I'm ready to take care of her. If I wasn't, I wouldn't have gotten a kitten in the first place! ;)

I named her Sylvia after, of course, the author and poet. It's been a strange tradition of mine to name my pets after literary folks, both characters and their authors. Back home, my cats are Minerva (McGonagall) and Poe (Edgar Allen). Sylvie now joins the crew as another bookish cat.

Sylvie is not a shy kitten; we initially set her up entirely in the bathroom so she could adjust, but even the first night, she was nuzzling up in our bed, ready to sleep.

I enjoy watching her amble curiously throughout the apartment. This morning, she tried to climb into the shower with me, but then settled instead on exploring our bedroom closet. She likes to lay with us and watch Netflix, and she follows us from room to room, promptly rising the moment we do. She also feels entitled to drink from my glass the moment I set it down.

Getting Sylvie was an adventure in itself, by the way. I used Craigslist to search for listings and shelters, and when I came across Sylvie's picture, I knew she had to be mine. I didn't realize, however, that she was listed in a city an hour away. No matter. Henrik and I got in the car and left immediately; I grabbed a slice of pizza to bring with me so I could break my fast without stopping.

So that's Sylvie! I'm sure you will all be bombarded by pictures of her, especially if you're following me on Instagram, but hopefully you all love her like I do! :) Yay kittens! What's not to like?

More pictures of my vacation, among other things, should be posted this weekend. This whole getting-back-to-work thing is sucking up all of my time. :( How are you all spending your final days of summer?


  1. You've truly joined the ranks of bloggers now - blogging about cats & kittens! Haha, really though, I love cat posts so much. You are so lucky, she is so damn cute! I wish my cats weren't all grown up and fat and boring now... haha. xx


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