Thursday, September 20, 2012


This week has been all around exhausting. I try to comfort myself by remembering how awful September was last year, and convince myself that at least this year's is slightly better, but it does little good to improve my mood. I'm emotionally drained, sleep deprived, and my mental alertness is at an all-time low. I go home and curl up like some sort of frizzy-haired, Law-and-Order-watching zombie. Not exactly what I aspire to be, you know?

I'm finding it difficult to keep my energy up. While the school days seem to drag, somehow I've arrived at the near-end of September. I'm taking the GRE in October and then sending out graduate school applications in November and December. This is all really freaking me out, but I don't have the brain power to sort through my feelings about it. Instead, I just go, "SHIT," and stare at my carefully constructed spreadsheet of each school's requirements and tell myself I'll have the energy to get started later. The only real progress I've made is producing some pretty good poems, for which I am grateful. Still, though, I need to get my stuff together.

Anyways, sorry for being Gloomy Gus over here, I'm just in a pretty rotten mood and very, very tired. That is what's been going on with me. Hopefully October is more fun-filled and less soul-crushing. I 100% recognize how bummed out this post is, so here are some Instagram shots documenting the better moments of September!

How has September been treating you? Any fun plans for the last 10 days of it? :)


  1. hope it gets better for you, im feeling run down too :) you're not alone!

    1. Thank you so much! It's starting to ease up a liiiiiiittle bit. :P I hope you feel better! It's such a hectic time of year, we should all get a mini-vacation. :)

  2. this month sounds full on. I feel pretty bad for our teachers in february (that's when school commences in australia). and right now they will be ambushed, because revision is starting for the big end of year exams. anyways, I'm sure your an awesome teacher despite the hysteria. also, such a cute kitty!

    1. Thank you! :D You are so sweet. :) Teachers definitely get stressed, haha. I always forget about how the school year is different in Australia! It's really interesting to me; I want to visit and check it out!


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