Monday, November 19, 2012

apple of my eye

sweater: vintage ~ blouse: vintage ~ pants: j. crew ~ boots: vintage ~ earrings: betsey johnson

With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted to get in the fall spirit today! I bought this cute sweater at a thrift store earlier this year and have never gotten the chance to wear it. I love the little apple buttons. :) I'm determined to enjoy "work" clothes! I struggle with liking my teaching wardrobe because I would much rather be wearing short-shorts, tights, and big baggy sweaters this time of year. What is your dress code like at work?

One more day of school, and then the break! I can't wait. :)


  1. i hope this means you wore this sweater teaching...soo cute!

  2. Looks like chrtismas dear <3
    x the cookies

  3. That sweater is darling. You are too cute! I need to get my thanksgiving outfit put together.

  4. What a sweet and delightful sweater! the apples are very suiting.
    My hubster has the same problem with being a teacher, he is struggling to find the balance between professional and stuffy and looking like one of the kids (he's got such a baby face!)

  5. I've always been jealous of teachers (especially elementary teachers) because they get to wear ridiculously festive sweaters to work!


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