Sunday, November 18, 2012

rainy saturday

Today was rainy and gray, but I have no complaints! It was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable days I've had in a while. I cleaned like a madwoman, thrifted for dishes, went to Ikea, and had dinner with Henrik at Emeryville Public Market. :) All in all, a great day.

Henrik made fun of me and said it was my first time in a kitchen. >:O

One of the things I bought at Ikea was a clothes rack! I bought it because I always am so tired in the morning and find it hard to put together my teacher outfits. I put clothes on the rack that I would likely wear a lot this fall. I'm really pleased with it! Henrik put it together, of course, but I supplied the clothes. ;)

What did you all do so far this weekend?


  1. Love your clothing rack - one is on my Wishlist!

  2. Look at your little miss productive! I can't manage to do all those things in one week these days! I have a clothing rack but I've contemplating getting rid of it just because my husband will throw things on it however I am really loving your idea of putting things that I think I will wear a lot on it! I may be bringing it back into our bedroom haha (:



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