Wednesday, December 19, 2012

murphy's law

You know Murphy's Law? "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." This weekend has made me a firm believer that Murphy was 100% correct with that assertion.

This weekend was horrible. Sparing you the details, I have been in and out of the hospital for the past 5 days with some of the least pleasant symptoms I've ever had to deal with, and certainly never all at once. This weekend was also the weekend that most of my graduate applications were due. Yes, the ones I've been working on since July, due the same weekend I'm hospitalized.

Either I'm incredibly lucky or loved by God, but I made the choice to submit them early so they made it in on time! Crisis just barely averted.

I'm still not fully "back" into the swing of things and have another appointment tonight. I'm looking forward to this nightmare being over. This episode has really taught me to be grateful for my health; I take it for granted so often. I'm hoping to fly back to Michigan on Friday as planned, so that I can spend the holidays with my family. I hope you all are healthy and well heading into this holiday week.


  1. Ugh so sorry! That does not sound fun, but seriously its so good you submitted them early! And also, if you are feeling a bit better, then you should be feeling great in time for holidays at least!

  2. IT's a good thing you got them in early though! That's the way to do it! And yeah - you probably need a break!

  3. hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the holidays too

  4. Oh, that really sucks. Hope you feel better. My immune system sucks, thus I'm sick quite a lot, during a musical I lost my voice, gastro and in hospital the day of a compulsory school day for the arts. I was on edge when exams came up, and luckily scraped by and got the sick the day after. Ha ha, so in that way I guess I was lucky. Thank goodness you handed everything in early. Phew!

  5. oh gosh, so sorry you have been sick lately! hopefully you will be feeling fine for the holidays! remember to drink lots of water, i always carry a water bottle with me when i am sick!

    lindsey louise

  6. I'm sorry to hear about this sickness coming on during this time of the year, but I'm glad you're getting better! As for your grad applications.. Fingers crossed! xo

  7. Aww. I hope you're feeling better and that you have a great time with your family!

  8. GAH, piss off spam comments!!!
    Sorry haha, I get those all the time too, they're so annoying!

    AH so that's completely horrible :( I'm so sorry Leila! Oh health - that elusive fiend. Lately I've been frequenting the doctors at least once a week as well as some fun trips to the emergency room - it's so crappy having to deal with health problems when they decided to pile up on you all at once, so I'm feelin' ya. I hope you've had a relatively healthier christmas and that Henrik has been looking after you. Much love your way xxxxx


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