Sunday, January 29, 2012

vaginas and nurseries

What a fantastic day I've had! I woke to sunshine and surprising warmth. It was already a beautiful day at 10 o'clock this morning. Henrik and I made a big breakfast and watched Criminal Minds while we ate.

After breakfast, I hurried over to Berkeley to audition for the Vagina Monologues. My friends Steve and Kristen were holding the auditions, and I was very pleased to see them. I look forward to the upcoming show! I was in Vmons in college for 2 years and loved every minute of it. We'll see if I get in⎯and, if I do, what part I'll get!

The auditions were held in this really cute Unitarian Universalism church. I had never heard about Unitarians before, but my first impression is a great one. The building was filled with positive posters and interfaith messages. :)

After the auditions, I went with Henrik to a dry-plant nursery. It was sunny and warm, and the nursery was filled with all sorts of strange plants! I wandered through the rows examining buds, leaves, and prickly cactus needles. Being there was refreshing; Oakland is a sea of gray, and I suppose I needed a bit of green in my life.

And, of course, what I wore for all of my adventuring:

blouse: thrifted ~ skirt: American Apparel ~ bow: American Apparel ~ tights: American Apparel ~ boots: vintage

we ended up buying these two...

and drove them home in the car cupholders

Made a quick stop at the reuse shop down the street and picked up a few things! I have a million crafts started that I have yet to finish, so I really need to stop buying more things to craft with, but it seems I can't help it! Along with craft supplies, got some nick-knacks.

 how CUTE are these kitty earrings?!

  and, my iPhone case came today! yay!

All in all, a pretty terrific Saturday!

school days

I had a pretty nice end to my week. School was not too bad! A student gave me the link to his blog, and on it was this post:

Made my week! Other than that, not too terribly interesting. Two of my colleagues and I went to get Mexican food over our prep and break yesterday; that was pretty nice. :) Anyways, want to have a glimpse of my school life? Here you are!

on the class shout-out board. pretty excellent.

A post about today will be coming soon. :) The weekend is already flying by, holy moly.


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