Monday, April 30, 2012

adventure calls!

I am so excited! Henrik and I have been planning our summer adventure for a long time now, but after what feels like ages⎯we have finally bought our tickets!! :D Operation summer adventure is a gooooooo. Here's what our itinerary looks like:

Phew! Quite the adventure, am I right? :D We're giddy with excitement, as our travel bugs are loud and needy creatures. I'm really looking forward to going places new (all the European destinations!) and familiar (Tunisia!). Seeing my family in Tunis (and Sousse) is much needed; I haven't seen my cousins or my grandmother in a few years now, and that is way longer a lapse than usual. It will be nice to visit Henrik's grandmother in Sweden too! His family has a house in Southern France, and he's told me lots of crazy stories about that village, so prepare for some interesting tales when we're there. And don't forget New York, where we'll stay for a day and a half between when we head out and back in to the country! :) We'll be staying with Henrik's high school pal, Ian.

Now all I have to do is wait until June 19th! I'm counting down the days. :D

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hello all! It is Sunday, a tad past noon, and I am alive and well. :) This week, as predicted, was extraordinarily busy; I fell asleep before 8pm nearly every evening from sheer exhaustion. Last night was a break from all the work. Last night was... prom!

One of the fun parts about teaching high school is that I can still take part in things like Spirit Week and school dances. All the teachers were super pumped for prom. How many of you guys would go back to prom if you could? I certainly couldn't wait.

It was exciting, too, because Henrik and I met in college, and so never got to go to a "fancy dance" together. There's something cute and romantic about the flutters you get as a teenager getting ready for the school dance, eager to see your date and hoping that they are excited too. Dress shopping, shoe shopping, getting gussied up⎯there's not enough of that in adult life! I was thrilled to get another chance at prom with this boy I love oh so very much. :)

my student did my nails!

cheesy prom pic, awww yeah!

our amazingly good-looking teaching staff

Had an amazing time. :) Danced awkwardly with some students while the songs played lyrics about "booties" and "donks" and stripping. Drank a lot of water. Was told by the prom photographer to "push out my breasts and butt" and to give him "sex appeal." Cheered on my student as he was nominated for prom king (but, alas, did not win). All in all, a great night. :)

Oh! And if you were curious: my shoes, dress, and purse were all thrifted. My dress was 12 dollars. Awww yeah!

Now, I have a day of lots more work (boo!). The end is in sight, though! Until then, watching Harry Potter while I work; makes it a lot more enjoyable. ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012


That's what my skin is⎯on fire.

Yesterday, I went to the beach. My Arab skin usually keeps me pretty safe from burns, but it seems the circumstances were against me yesterday. Perhaps it is because I've been covered nearly head to toe for months, thanks to teaching. Or, maybe the sun was especially hot yesterday, and I especially dehydrated. Whatever the reason, I definitely now have the worst burn of my life. My back, shoulders, and legs have the color a tomato would envy. I have spent the entire school day stripping in my office to reapply globules of aloe gel. My students have tutted lovingly over my shiny forehead and pink calves. Sunburn 2012, never forget! I cannot wait to get home and soak in some apple cider vinegar.

 pre-sunburn..... look at that naive, unexpecting skin. damn you!
at least I dominated at Scrabble

On another note, this week is going to be the worst week yet for me in terms of busy-ness (but I think it will be the last!). I apologize if I am the most dull person ever this week, but know that after this final stretch, I will be a much more interesting/energetic/funny/attractive blogger-person. ;) Wish me luck? Just gotta make it 'till next  Wednesday. :P

Saturday, April 21, 2012

how cool is this!?

WE TRUST - Time (Better not stop) | Official video from Rickard Bengtsson

So, this video was taken on the same camera I have. So. freaking. inspired!

Now, off to a picnic. :)

four twenty

Today has been an interesting day. It is the 22nd birthday of my first "real" boyfriend (happy birthday, Jonathan!). It is also the sad anniversary of the Columbine massacre, which means it is also Adolf Hitler's birthday. Of course, the more carefree connotation of this day is one of Bob Marley and bowls and green.

Today, I received news that a girl in my graduating class passed away this morning in a car accident. I've felt a bit off since hearing of the tragedy. At 21, she was most definitely too young for this. Incidents like this make me really reflect on my own life. We learn to have such a sense of false immortality, when in reality we are so very fragile. It is too painful to even consider that in an instant, I too could be gone⎯but it's true. I must remember to be thankful, and to never take time for granted. I really hate that whole "yolo" thing, but you really do only get one shot; better make it the best one you can, each and every day.

On a lighter note, Henrik and I went thrifting today (as usual). I didn't buy any clothes because I wasn't really in the mood, but I did walk away with some books I had been searching for, a jar with flowers painted on it, and a floral scarf. Not bad! I took this unbelievably short video, in case you guys wanted to see Henrik and I perusing through the brick-a-brak. Excuse how...bizarre it is, haha; I was unbelievably bored a few minutes ago.

It's been such an exhausting week, but I will get more pictures up soon. :) Hope you all have a good start to your weekends.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

evil eye

You may have noticed in previous pictures a small, gold necklace in the shape of a hand. I was given this necklace at birth and have worn it nearly every day since. In Tunisia, we call it the Hand of Fatima, though I hear other cultures say "khamsa" instead. The Hand of Fatima is supposed to keep the Evil Eye away.

my hand of fatima

The Evil Eye, or عين الحسود, goes way back. The belief (which is folk based, not religious) is that evil people can curse you with a look if they are envious. To keep people from being jealous and wishing you ill, you can wear a Hand of Fatima to ward off the gaze. You can also wear the eye itself, which bends the gaze back towards the evil doer. In honor of tradition and Friday the 13th, I wore evil eye earrings yesterday; no bad luck for me!

 top: Forever 21 ~ skirt: unknown brand ~ shoes: Urban Outfitters ~ purse: vintage ~ jewelry: thrifted ~ belt: thrifted

Henrik and I went thrifting yesterday, and then came back to watch Arrested Development on Netflix. I was incredibly sad to finish the final season, until a quick Google search told me that they're making another season and a movie! I am the luckiest girl on the planet, haha. :)

Today I went to the beach, but I'm about to watch a movie, so pictures will have to come later! :) Hope you all had a great Saturday!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Yellow is my favorite spring (and summer!) color. I just love it; it's so cheerful! Think of all the great things that are yellow⎯the sun, lemonade, daffodils, baby duckies... Yes, yellow is definitely the best. As the weather gets progressively warmer, you will undoubtedly see me in more and more yellow clothing because I simply can't get enough. Case in point: what I wore this week (yellow shirt Tuesday, yellow dress Wednesday!). Here's some pictures from those two days. :)

 Henrik brought these back from France for me, awww yeah



chocolate chicken.. the best kind of chicken.

 watermelon for breakfast!

 Favorite Indian Restaurant, twice in a week haha

look who's back!

 ahh, thrift stores..

What I wore Wednesday:

dress: vintage ~ cardigan: J. Crew (thanks, mom!) ~ shoes: unknown brand

And, thrifted treasures! 

Which leads me to my fairly-exciting announcement! I will be writing thrift and vintage articles for Chictopia's blog, Everybody Is Ugly! I'm really excited to start! It's a great opportunity for me to continue working on things I really love⎯namely, thrifting and writing. I'm thrilled to now be pushed to do more of what makes me feel like me; it will be a welcome alternative to my teaching-only lifestyle I've had thus far. So yeah, I'm really excited. :) I will posts links to the articles as they start going live!

That said, time for me to go do some research. ;) Happy Friday the 13th, y'all!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

girl disappearing

[possible trigger warning: body image and eating disorders.]

I was looking through Tumblr a couple minutes ago and saw a number of posts referring to "thigh gaps." Naturally curious, but fairly certain I knew what they meant, I searched the term. After looking few a few pages of results, I got sick and came to write this.

I know I come off fairly upbeat on here; I have consciously made this a space where I can keep positive energy and ideas, because I think happiness sometimes needs a reminder or two and why funnel negative thoughts online? With that said, there are times where I feel the need to post more than a few pictures of my outfit or my day. I'm a considerably more serious person offline than I am on. I have actually spent a good majority of my life being withdrawn and pensive, my brow furrowed as I survey my surroundings wordlessly. My family is familiar with this side of me; Henrik, too, reminds me that I need to relax before, he claims, I give myself a heart-attack. I take things very hard, and I am very hard on myself.

Growing up, I had poor self-esteem. I was in a series of not-so-good relationships from a young age, determined to find my worth in the opinions of boys and men. I remember very clearly the first time my body was really criticized at the age of 12, and it pains me to say that I still think of what was said nearly 10 years later. I became obsessed with "perfection," convincing myself that the only way to gain love and companionship long term would be to be flawlessly beautiful. A large piece of beauty, I thought, was weight⎯or, rather, the lack thereof. I wanted to be thin more than just about anything. That's changed now. I may not be completely different, but I recognize the harm in those earlier thoughts and behaviors. I am careful not to relapse into habits that left me weak and sickly.

While there is beauty in all body types and shapes, there is nothing beautiful about starvation and self-mutilation. There is nothing pretty about girls who haven't reached puberty going on diets, nothing sexy about women truly loathing themselves for the natural and necessary act of eating. These extreme behaviors are dangerous and quite literally destroy people. After reading just a sampling of posts from young girls and women so angry with themselves and the perfectly adequate bodies they're in, I'm unbelievably sad.

I don't even know what to say. I don't mean to come off as if I am perfectly well-adjusted, because I'm not. I am critical of myself too, occasionally in ways that paralyze and depress me. However, one does not need to be perfect to recognize what is flawed. These ideas are wrong. We as women are so much more than these vessels that carry us, though we may forget it at times. I am more than the size I wear and the number of calories I eat, and I am certainly more than the space that exists or does not exist between my thighs. And so are you.

she's alive!! (and well)

Hi guys!

I have been busy, busy, busy! Two things that have kept me away from my computer:
  1. I have a big teacher test tomorrow, the RICA. Boooooo. It's about teaching reading, and while I've done more than fine on the practice tests, it is a 4 hour test. Can we say gross? So yeah, been studying. (Here are some buzz terms for you guys: phonemic awareness! onset and rime! fluency! apposition! QAR! RTI! :P )
  2. Henrik's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Enough said.
I also have quite a bit of good news (:D :D :D) but I'll have to keep you in suspense for just a bit longer, as I should get to bed early for my test. I will fill you guys in tomorrow though!

For the meantime, some Instagram photos. :) Hope you're all having a great week! I certainly am. :)


Henrik was on the phone with his best friend in Saudi, so I snapped pictures of our apartment while I waited :P

cold, rainy day means pants and a bright vintage top

top is sunny. me, not so much haha.

Henrik's $2 thrifted Converse, oh yeah
mango shake!

took Henrik to Favorite Indian Restaurant because, really, who feels like making dinner

storms flirted all day, but didn't come

oh, the things you see in a Trader Joe's parking lot

bought nail polish! currently rocking the mint one, which is named--wait for it--"minted." (how creative)

Wish me luck tomorrow!


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