Friday, August 31, 2012

one of those days

Okay, so the calendar claims it's the 31st, but I swear someone mixed up the 1 and 3 because it feels like Friday the 13th. Everything has gone wrong today. Here's a super brief synopsis!

All of us teachers had to wear our new school shirts, though the reason was not explained to me, and I am not a fan of t-shirts. Got to school and it was cloudy and cold. Kids were distracted/goofy despite the fact they had quizzes to study for AND their grades are already dropping (it's been like 9 days of school...???). Went to heat up my lunch, it took 6 minutes. Okay. Waited six minutes. Took out said lunch. Walked to the door. It slipped from my arms and splatted⎯yes, splatted, you would say "splatted" too if you heard it⎯and every single bit of my spaghetti meal spread across the floor, resembling a crime scene. Had to clean up the steaming spaghetti. Went to 5th block. Spilled tea all over the desk/the floor/a student I do not know. Got up awkwardly in SOMEONE ELSE'S CLASS and walked IN FRONT OF ALL THESE KIDS to get to the paper towels. There was a lecture and everyone was staring, and they also don't really know who I am. I had to do this horrifying walk of teacher-shame not once, not twice, but three times because I underestimated the immense volume of tea my dinky paper cup could evidently hold. As I'm mopping up the mess under the desk, my assistant principal walks in and sees me. Does not look pleased.

So.. yeah. Luckily, I have a gaggle of fantastic kiddos who knew about said day and so gave me large amounts of love (they also laughed, but I guess I can't blame them). To make myself feel a bit better, here are things that are right with the world:

- Alan Rickman
- fee waivers for grad. school applications
- my wonderful, loving boyfriend
- 3 day weekends
- the fact I will likely be thrifting tomorrow
- ice cream sandwiches waiting in the freezer
- this video:

What are you feeling thankful for? Hopefully you all had a better day than I have. :P On the plus side, Henrik and I are going to see 311 and Slightly Stoopid in concert tonight! I surprised him with tickets this week. Let's just pray it doesn't decide to rain, eh? ;P

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

school daze

9:45 at night and I feel exhausted; when did I become old again? ;P School is back in session, which means I am working, working, working pretty much all the time. This year feels different, though; I don't immediately pass out upon returning home or, conversely, stay up until the wee hours frantically typing lesson plans. Instead, I am able to do normal things⎯I can run to the grocery store, or watch a movie, or do the dishes. I even can attend workshops at night for my own personal fulfillment. That's right, I'm in a workshop... a poetry workshop with Kim Addonizio!

Yesterday was my first day, and it was everything I could have hoped for (there were even home-made cookies!). Kim was wonderful, the 6 other poets were wonderful, and I just felt very safe and satisfied. I missed writing with other people, you know? It was a big chunk of my life that was missing last year. Also, can we talk about how cool it is that I'm sitting in Kim Addonizio's living room on Monday nights? Because I studied her poems in undergrad and thought she was the absolute coolest, and now I've met her cat! Dreams do come true.

So that's me at the moment⎯no pictures for now, but I'll likely post some later this week. Labor day's coming up this weekend and I'm already pretty ready for a vacation, even if I have only been teaching about 7 days. ;) Are you all doing anything fun? I hope to see pictures of you all having a much more interesting time than I am!

Ps. If you're curious, here are the books of poetry I've been currently reading when not teaching/writing my little heart out:

Sunday, August 26, 2012

roll four: france and italy

Happy Saturday! I made it through the first week of school, and I have to say it was infinitely easier than I expected. The difference between my first year and now my second is incredible. I'm so relieved to find that it's a breeze by comparison. :P

To celebrate yesterday, the staff went out for drinks and food; the restaurant was filled with teachers from the other schools in Hayward, and we all got a good laugh upon realizing that⎯great minds do seem to think alike! After staff bonding, I went with Henrik to go thrifting (picked up a pair of coral socks, a skirt to DIY, and two excellent young adult books for 99 cents each) and then got frozen yogurt for dinner. My best friend in TFA⎯Dave⎯texted me soon after, so we got a "dessert" of sushi with him and his girlfriend. All in all, a very packed and wonderful end to my very packed and wonderful week! I think this will be a good year. Busy, but good.

Here's another roll of film I developed from my trip. I'm glad you guys are enjoying these! I think film is so pretty. It has a quality you can't really imitate digitally. This roll is from our time in France and Italy.

(Ps. I read all of your comments, and appreciate them greatly! I'm going to try and start finding a time to reply to them each night; I'm sorry I've been so busy lately. Just wanted to say that I do really appreciate you guys!)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

winner! (and life in general)

Hello all! It has been an incredibly eventful week, but I have not forgotten about the giveaway. I hope you weren't all waiting at your computers for me to announce the winner. ;)

Why has this week been eventful, you may ask? Well, it was Eid! Eid marks the end of Ramadan, which means I am no longer fasting. It's nice to have my energy back, but I do miss Ramadan a bit⎯I still have some days to make up from traveling and such, so at least I'll have that sometime later this year.

In addition to Eid, this week also held another special day... the first day of school! That's right, class is back in session. I am only 2 days into this second year of mine and I am happy to say that it is going great! I feel so much more prepared than I did last year. My kids are fantastic, my colleagues are wonderful, and I feel really on with all my work. I think this year will be a good one for "Ms. Chatti." :) Nevertheless, I will be certain to be considerably more busy than I've been this summer, so bear with me while I adjust!

Right, okay, so who's the winner of the Modcloth giveaway?


Congratulations! I'll be e-mailing you soon. :) As for everyone else, thank you for participating! I'm sure I will have another giveaway in the near future, as this was fun for me! (And everyone who is new, hi! :D I've appreciated reading your comments while I've been bustling around getting things ready for school; I look forward to looking through your blogs and getting to know you better. :) )

I hope you all are having a great start (middle?) to your week!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

roll 3: sweden

More film from my vacation for you! This roll was of everyday life with Henrik and his grandmother during our 3 week stay in Sweden.

Some explanations: 

In Sweden, alcohol is regulated by the government, so it's sold in separate shops! (How bizarre, right?) Also, most of these photos were taken within Henrik's grandmother's glass house. Because Sweden is cold, but generally gets a lot of sunlight, she had a glass house built in her backyard. It's where she spends a lot of her day, reading or just sitting, and we had our meals there. The glass really did keep heat in, and because the temperature was usually quite mild (there were a few exceptions, and then the glass house was sweltering), the effect was pleasant.
On another note, happy Saturday all! Don't forget, only a few hours left in my giveaway! :)


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