Wednesday, December 26, 2012

'twas the night before christmas

Hello, all. :) I am safely in Michigan, with fewer medical hiccups than last week. Merry day after Christmas! Though my family is Muslim, we love Christmas. My mom was raised Catholic and really does it up big. This is what we came down to yesterday morning (at 5 am... we have a tradition of opening presents while it's still dark).

The day before, we braved the snow (snow!) to visit my Auntie Rubes on Christmas Eve. Auntie Rubes and my mom have been best friends since  
3rd grade. Talk about "friends forever"!

:) I hope you all had a joy-filled holiday! I noticed about 10 people on my Facebook got engaged these past 2 days. Tis the season, I suppose. ;P Any big events happen on your end?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

murphy's law

You know Murphy's Law? "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong." This weekend has made me a firm believer that Murphy was 100% correct with that assertion.

This weekend was horrible. Sparing you the details, I have been in and out of the hospital for the past 5 days with some of the least pleasant symptoms I've ever had to deal with, and certainly never all at once. This weekend was also the weekend that most of my graduate applications were due. Yes, the ones I've been working on since July, due the same weekend I'm hospitalized.

Either I'm incredibly lucky or loved by God, but I made the choice to submit them early so they made it in on time! Crisis just barely averted.

I'm still not fully "back" into the swing of things and have another appointment tonight. I'm looking forward to this nightmare being over. This episode has really taught me to be grateful for my health; I take it for granted so often. I'm hoping to fly back to Michigan on Friday as planned, so that I can spend the holidays with my family. I hope you all are healthy and well heading into this holiday week.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

holiday cheer

Commence panic! Okay, this is a holiday post, but it is ALSO the week of me sending out two of my applications. Jinkies! Where has the time gone? In two weeks, I'll have half of my applications out into the world. It is a truly terrifying thought.

That aside, happy December! It's a time of snow (or rain, if you're in the Bay Area), twinkling lights, fake Christmas trees, and holiday sweaters. I love Christmas. I think I may love Christmas more than any Muslim on the planet. My iTunes Christmas playlist has over 200 songs. I'm not even joking you. It's all just so good!

Last weekend, Henrik and I put up our tree. :) It's Sylvie's first Christmas and she was thrilled with all the shiny new things for her to put in her mouth. Oh, Sylvie.

And for your viewing pleasure, our awkward family photo. ;)

Now all I have to do is go Christmas shopping! I want to buy all of my gifts locally, but I'm finding it so hard to find time to go out and look. How are you guys doing with the holiday shopping? Anyone making gifts?


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