Thursday, January 17, 2013

book one: never let me go

As you may remember (from this post), one of my resolutions for this year is to read 50 books. I am the sort of person who reads a couple books at a time (usually one fiction, one poetry). This is the first one I have completed this year!

I bought this book last year at a thrift store (for $1.98, as written on this lovely young woman's face). I'd heard good things and, for a couple bucks, figured why not? I picked it up again when packing for my trip to Michigan and put it in my carry-on.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro is a sad, haunting sort of novel. There are many small mysteries woven into its narrative and, as it is told in the first person by the young protagonist Kath, things are made clear over time, as Kath discovers more about herself and Hailsham, the school she attends. I enjoyed reading this despite the decidedly sad undertone and appreciated the way it addressed some difficult questions about ethics and medicine. (My good friend Jonathan, who is studying medical ethics, would rather enjoy this book—if you're reading this, go pick it up!) All in all, a good first pick. :) If you like books about interpersonal relationships, "school days" sort of novels, or slight dystopias, check it out.

What are you all reading lately? How have your resolutions been coming along?


  1. okay, I'll have to admit that I've only seen the film of this book. I don't think I could attempt to read it as I found it so depressing, but also a great film, I just loved the premise. I have been reading up a storm recently as I have 7 texts to read for school and got 4 read in one week while on holiday and spending long hours in the car, includes ethan frome and an australian novel 'the tall man.' also read 'life of pi' and currently on 'the plague' with so many more lined up that I want to read. pretty proud of how booky I've been of late. looking forward to more posts like this :D

  2. I've seen the film for this book, and have been meaning to read it!

  3. i didnt know this book..but it sounds great...

    xx Mounia


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