Friday, February 22, 2013


What a crazy week it has been! I've gotten quite a bit of good news, including the results of my surgery.

As you guys know, I've had a rough couple months with my health. Most recently, I went on medical leave in preparation for my surgery. I've been lucky to have spent most of my 22 years of life without significant health problems, but this meant I was really freaked out when we started having serious conversations (I never want to hear the word sarcoma again). Wednesday, I went to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning for my first ever surgery. was okay! They removed the mass, and it appears to be benign! I can't tell you the relief I feel being able to type those words. What has been a very anxiety-ridden couple months is now finally starting to wind down. I'm home, feeling almost good as new, and I can breathe a bit easier. :)

I have learned a lot during this whole experience. I've learned I'm considerably stronger than I thought I was. I've learned to trust myself and advocate when I know something is wrong. I've learned to really think about my health, and to make taking care of it a priority. I know, without a doubt, that I am loved by my family and friends, as they have all sent me so much support from so far away. I know, too, that Henrik is a god-send, and I am incredibly lucky to have him. And I've learned to really think about what is most important to me and not to take anything for granted. There were moments when I had to consider some pretty horrible outcomes, but I was able to face them without falling into despair. I have proven to myself, perhaps more than anything, that I am indeed able to overcome. It feels pretty good to know these things.

So yes! Good news! :) And in the spirit of joyful things, here is a picture I snapped when changing into my hospital robes—I got quite the chuckle. I'm a fan of these instructions.

Ooo baby. ;)


  1. haha! funny pic. I wish you all the best... hope you get well soon. x

  2. THAT IS AWESOME!!! I'm soo happy that you get to come home with a sense of relief instead of another round of "what ifs."

  3. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU AND RELIEVED oh my goodness. :D:D:D:D

  4. press all my thumbs for you! hope you feel better soon! <3


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