Monday, March 18, 2013

google reader, whyyyyyyy??? :(

Oh my lordy. So, I must confess, I haven't been as bloggy lately because I have been kept pretty busy trying to figure out what I'm doing next year! (GRAD SCHOOL GRAD SCHOOL GRAD SCHOOL! :) More deetz on this later, my friends.) Anyways, evidently since I've been gone Google has decided to get rid of Google Reader, come this summer?! WHAT???


I don't know about you guys, but I definitely use Google Reader to browse through my favorite blogs, and I will certainly miss this service. (Psst, sign this petition to keep GR if you're so inclined!) But, anyways, it isn't the end. If you'd like to keep following me, please click the above image or this link to follow me on Bloglovin! You can also import your google reader to bloglovin or feedly. Or you can follow by e-mail, as shown on the side bar. :) Whatever floats your boat!

Phew. Google, you may have given me a mini-heart attack, but I'm still here and blogging!

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