Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the decision

The decision has been made. After careful thought, and a lot of crying/talking/frantic switching back and forth, I have confirmed my place in a graduate school. (Henrik did, too, but without the hysterics. ;) )

Henrik will be studying sustainability at University of Michigan
and I will be getting my M.F.A. in poetry at North Carolina State University.

So what does this mean for us? .. a lot of plane trips, duh! ;) We are of course sticking together, and are so excited for this next step in our lives. We will both be pursuing our passions. Henrik is so devoted to making this planet a better (and greener) place, and will be gaining the tools he needs to make some serious change in our world. I will be writing my cute little tushie off under the excellent tutelage of Dorianne Laux and John Balaban. We believe, passionately, that love means supporting and encouraging each other to follow our dreams, even if that may mean not sleeping in the same bed every night for the next two years.

This decision was not easy, but I truly believe we've made the right choice. Will it be hard? Most definitely! (I'll have to cook! And drive!) Will it be fun? Heck yes! I cannot wait to take "vacations" every few weeks to Ann Arbor, and to live in a beautiful new place when I'm not traveling to see Henrik. I'm excited to challenge myself, to hone my own skills and learn new hobbies and make new friends. I'm looking forward to reading, reading, reading. And I'm ready to begin this next part of my life, one where I am both independent and a strong partner, a student and a teacher, someone just a little bit different than I've been all along. I am embracing the change, and am ready for what comes next. :) Raleigh, here I come!


  1. Congrats! An LDR isn't too bad when you know you'll be reunited (ie- after 2 years).

    That said, it'll nearly be 3 years of an LDR for me (with no end yet in sight)- so it IS possible, as long as you have faith... and trust (loooots of trust, lol)...

  2. It's always so fantastic to see people in relationships where they're supportive of each other. My brother was in a LDR (he lived in Australia, his now-wife lived in Japan) for 3 years. Tough going but totally doable. You guys seem awesome anyway, and I'm sure you knew that already! Good luck on your adventures!! :D

    Rhi :) xx
    The Wildest of Dreams


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