Thursday, June 6, 2013

a little something

Do you ever gift yourself things? I personally am a big fan of giving myself presents every once in a while. There's something really fantastic about opening packages. Treat yourself, you know? For my birthday, I bought myself a yellow Mini Instax! I have the full sized one and love it, but there are often times I leave it behind simply because of how big it is. Yesterday, my baby one arrived in the mail and I'm already in love! The pictures are smaller, about credit card sized, but they are clear and beautiful. I mean, check out that man and cat. Good looking or what? ;) Can't wait to bring this baby with me everywhere this summer!


  1. Oh wow, this looks great... so tempted to treat myself to one too- I've always wanted an instax!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  2. what a coincidence! i was thinking today that for my next birthday, i wanted to get a mini instax haha.

    xoxo, Oleah
    Persun Giveaway!

  3. haha I do that all the time. It's actually my birthday tomorrow and I already bought myself a gift lol :)

  4. i got one of these bad boys for my birthday too! however i hinted so heavily to my boyfriend that it was a lost like a gift to myself haha! xxxx

  5. Oh, hooray! I've never used an instax! Looks like I need to give it a go! I am also a proponent of the self-gift! Just a little reward for being alive, every so often is always a good thing! In case I haven't already informed you: I have a choose-your-prize jewelry giveaway going on now, as well!

    : signe
    : the daily savant :

  6. It's my birthday this month so I should totally buy myself a present!

    Happy belated birthday!



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